New to Working in PMO

At Level One of the PMO career path, the PMO which features the most is the Project level PMO.

The types of jobs which are typical at this level are:

  • Project Administrator
  • Project Co-ordinator
  • Project Support Officer

Level One is not just for people completely new to PMO, it’s also for people who have been working for a few years and are learning project management support as they gain more and more experience.

At this level, you need understanding of formal project management and an understanding of the different tasks and activities that each of these roles performs. To get that knowledge, many opt for the Essentials for PMO Administrators™. With a few years experience, you’ll also be ready for the P3O Foundation® course too.

Looking to find out more about entry level PMO roles? Read more in our How to Get Started in PMO eBook.

Recommended Courses for Level One Learners

Level One courses are specifically selected for those new to working in PMO and project support or at the beginning of their career. Courses are selected to ensure fundamental knowledge of project management and PMO is the focus.

Essentials for PMO Administrators

Now available from PMO Learning, the new qualifications from House of PMO and APMG International.

This course is all about getting your career started in PMO and is designed to support those people in roles such as Project Administrator, Project Co-ordinators and Project Support Officers.

It’s also a great course for those aspiring Project Managers too!

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P3O® Foundation

The P3O Foundation course is the ideal follow on course after Essentials for PMO Administrators.

The course is all about the structure of PMOs; the different types of PMO; the functions and services they provide and how PMOs operate in an organisation.

It’s a high-level course that helps you to understand current best practice in PMOs and starts building your knowledge in PMO functions and services.

This is a three-day course and includes the examination on the final day.

It’s a course which is certified by Peoplecert and AXELOS, so you’ll receive a formal qualification and a certification if you pass the course.

P3O is considered to be the most recognised PMO certified course in the UK today.

With this course:

  • You’ll learn about the different types, models and frameworks of PMO.
  • You’ll gain an understanding of why businesses need PMOs and which configuration of PMOs work well.
  • You’ll gain knowledge on the core PMO functions and services across all three main types of PMO.
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Level One Learners

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