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5 Tips for Preparing for your P3O Foundation Exam

1. Read, read, read the question! Make sure you have mastered the art of reading and understanding the question that is being asked of you. This may seem like an obvious one, but this is arguably the most important tip on the list. There is one word difference between the question “Which is not a …

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Innovation and the PMO

Role of the PMO in Stimulating Innovation in Projects Initiated by Owner and Operator Organizations* by Natalya Sergeeva and Ali Sultan is an interesting read – and one that will give you a lot to consider. It’s a research paper based on the PMO at Transport for London with ‘the findings demonstrating that the PMO …

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What’s the Difference Between P3O Tools and Techniques?

You see it a lot in job descriptions for PMO roles: Experienced in project management tools and techniques The job description will outline some of them – the ones that will be most in use in the PMO, project or organisation. The tools nearly always focus on the PPM tool being used, for example, MS …

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PMOs Asking Powerful Questions

In the PMO Competency Framework by the House of PMO and the PMO Flashmob community, one of the frequent indicators raised for those working in a PMO is the ability to challenge, and one of the skills needed to successfully challenge, is being able to ask powerful questions. The PMO has three different directions of …

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