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In-House PMO Courses

PMO Learning can deliver any of the PMO certifications at a location of your choice, in the UK or further afield.

If you have six or more attendees from your organisation looking for PMO training and development, find out how cost effective it can be.

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Bespoke PMO Courses

PMO Learning also provide customised PMO learning and courses to meet your own unique organisation objectives and goals.

That can include training in specific PMO function and service areas; PMO fundamentals and overview courses; PMO certification courses with extra topics included.

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Workshops and Events

PMO Learning provide lots of different ways to engage and teach your PMO staff.

From facilitated workshops; presentations at Community of Practice events; roundtable discussions and Word Cafes.

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PMO Consultancy

When you need more than training and development to solve a PMO challenge, why not engage a PMO expert consultant.

PMO Learning has a large network of experienced associates with expertise across a wide range of PMO areas.

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