PMO Management

At Level Three of the PMO career path, the focuses switching to the management of PMOs.

Level three roles include PMO Managers and PMO Leads and at this level we see PMO Managers working in Portfolio Management Offices; Programme Offices and Project Offices so learning and development at this level covers all of these.

Depending on the type of PMO bring managed there will be different levels of seniority involved, for example, a manager of a Portfolio Office would likely be more experienced than that of a manager of a Project Office.

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Recommended Courses for Level Three Learners

Level Three courses are specifically selected for their focus on developing practitioners who manage a PMO and are looking to develop their skills around managing larger, more complex PMO operations and their own leadership skills.

Essentials for PMO Managers™

The Essentials for PMO Managers™ is a practical course for those managing or leading PMOs.

This is a three day course with exam which covers the setting up, running, transforming and closing down PMOs.

It’s the course that focuses on your own individual knowledge, skills and behaviours required to manage and lead PMOs.

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P3O® Practitioner

The P3O® Practitioner course is the follow on to P3O® Foundation – you must have already passed your Foundation level before taking this course.

This is a two-day course and includes the examination on the final day.

It’s a course which is certified by Peoplecert and AXELOS, so you’ll receive a formal qualification and a certification if you pass the course.

With this course:

  • You’ll focus on the high level of how to implement and operate a P3O®.
  • You’ll gain an understanding of the current best practice of using certain tools and techniques across project, programme and portfolio type PMOs.
  • You’ll gain a greater understanding of the P3O® roles that exist.

PMO practitioners often taken this course alongside the P3O® Foundation, making it a 5 day course in total.

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Specialist PMO Courses

PMO Learning has a number of specialist PMO courses – with more being added all the time.

Our specialist courses are designed to meet specific challenge areas PMO practitioners have.

Courses include areas such as Agile PMO; Benefits Management; Coaching and Setting Up PMOs.

Our specialist courses tend to be one or two days long and are available both in the open public schedules and available in-house.

Courses are created by PMO Learning alongside leading experts in their field to create unique and practical classes totally focused on the PMO profession.

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