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Totally focused on PMO

Totally Focused on PMO

PMO Learning provides training courses and learning experiences for people who lead, manage and work within PMOs.

That's Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices and courses for everyone within PMO from Project Administrator through to PMO Directors and Heads of Departments.

PMO Learning is the sister company to PMO Flashmob - the PMO networking and learning community - open to anyone across the country with a passion and interest in PMO

We're been working in the PMO and training space for over 20 years, now is the time to bring all the great PMO learning and courses together under one roof.

Welcome to PMO Learning

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PMO Certification Training

PMO Learning provides both PMO certification training and customised PMO courses.

PMO training is available through open public schedules and onsite corporate group learning.

We're the exclusive UK providers of AIPMO PMO certifications and also offer BCS PPSO and AXELOS P3O certifications.

We also provide specialist courses too in areas such as Lean-Agile PMO; Coaching, Facilitation and Benefits Management.

We're continously adding to the PMO portfolio of training to meet the demands of what PMO practitioners need to take their careers and their organisations forward.

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PMO Learning's PMO Training Certifications

PMO Learning Levels

We see four levels of a career in PMO:

  • Level 1 – Entry Level and New to Working in PMO
  • Level 2 – Experienced in Supporting Portfolios, Programmes and Projects
  • Level 3 – Leading and Managing Portfolio, Programme and Project PMOs
  • Level 4 – Managing and Directing Enterprise PMO Management

Training courses from PMO Learning cover all four levels of a PMO practitioner’s career  [Get Started with PMO Learning]

Getting Started with PMO Learning

PMO Learning PM Certifications

The PMO Certification courses from PMO Learning cover all four levels of a PMO practitioner’s career and take into account the type of PMO a practitioner works in.

From the entry level training for those new to PMO; to PMO Analysts looking to improve their understanding of the PMO environment; PMO Managers looking to improve PMO capability and enterprise level PMO Directors responsible for multiple PMOs across a business – there’s a training course to suit everyone.
PMO Learning Certifications for PMO

PMO Learning’s PMO Training Certifications

Find out more about the PMO certification courses from PMO Learning.

[Download] the PMO Certifications Training Path as a reference guide to your next PMO training options.

PMO Learning Qualifications

PMO Certifications from PMO Learning


Association for International PMO offers three levels of certification from Foundation, Practitioner to Expert

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AXELOS P3O is available at Foundation and Practitioner levels. Courses are available for each individually or combined.

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British Computer Society, the Chartered Institute of IT offer PPSO at two levels, Essentials and Advanced Practitioner

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PMO Learning

Certified PMO Courses

Find out more about the PMO certifications available in the UK today

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In-House PMO Courses

Bring PMO Learning to you; all PMO certifications delivered at a location of your choice

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Open Public PMO Courses

We run open public courses throughout the year which anyone can attend, take a look at the schedule

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Bespoke PMO Courses

Looking for bespoke or customised PMO training? Find out more about what PMO Learning can deliver

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PMO Coaching and Mentoring

Looking for help and advice on your PMO career or want to talk to someone about PMO?

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PMO Events

PMO Learning are available for workshops, events, CoP meetups plus we host PMO Flashmob!

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PMO Learning

The UK’s Specialist in PMO Training, Qualifications, Accreditation and Certifications.

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