Agile Frameworks and the PMO

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This class is designed to enable senior members of the PMO community to actively engage in the selection of appropriate Agile Framework(s).

The Agile Framework and the PMO

Successful Agile change comes from within an organisation and this class shows how the the PMO becomes a catalyst during the change; allowing the PMO to participate, support, or influence external consultants as necessary. This class also acts as a foundation for a PMO seeking to lead an Agile Transformation with further study and experience gained from Agile at the team level.

All scaling frameworks share some common patterns: Scrum at the team level; many teams sharing a backlog; planning is done collaboratively across teams; and the general principles of pull, self-organisation and continuous improvement.

This class is designed to give an overview of the main Agile at Scale frameworks. To identify the unique elements of each so that PMOs may decide how the Agile Frameworks can be used and governed. By way of introduction, the class explores what is meant by Agile stepping beyond the Agile Values and Principles identified in the Agile Manifesto.

Finally, this class will discuss some of the considerations needed to the implement Agile at Scale in an organisation.

Following this course participants will:

  • Understand the key features of the leading Agile at Scale Frameworks.
  • Recognise how the PMO needs to adapt and support each of the Frameworks.
  • Understand a typical roadmap for an agile transformation and the key stages for the PMO in the conversion from waterfall to Agile.

What we will discuss:

  • The class starts with a description of Scrum and illustrates that it is designed for small teams of between 3 and 9 individuals. An overview of Scrum is given. This explains that SCRUM is used as the common basis for scaling Agile to the enterprise.
  • The class outlines the features of each of the key Agile at Scale frameworks. LeSS, Scrum@Scale, SAFe and Disciplined Agile. The key elements of PRINCE2 Agile are also identified.
  • The different implications for the PMO in each of the Frameworks is explained, this will include the differences with regard to Portfolio Management and Status Reporting
  • By its’ design, the class equips the participants to be actively involved in an Agile transformation. An Agile implementation roadmap is outlined, enabling the Agile concepts to be applied in the workplace.


Want more Agile?

Our Lean-Agile PMO course is a great precursor to Agile Frameworks and the PMO, we recommend you undertake it before this course. If you want to learn more, read our Lean-Agile PMO overview. These course are being run together and are available to book at a discount price!


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Agile Frameworks and the PMO

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