The Power of Value Streams in PMO

PMO Learning training specialist Charles Shore sat down with our Agile trainer Jon Ward to discuss the new course Continuous Improvement in the PMO Using Value Streams

Jon Ward has over 30 years of experience working internationally as an enterprise coach and is also the trainer who delivers PMO Learning’s Lean-Agile PMO course. For anyone who has previously taken the Lean-Agile PMO course, this course is your next step in continuing your development and learning.

Our new Continuous Improvement in the PMO Using Value Streams course encourages PMO leaders to consider how their PMO operates, its goals, and its OKRs. It also encourages PMOs to ask how efficient their project delivery methodology is. Beyond lessons learned, this course offers a framework for creating PMO value. If your goal is to improve PMO service delivery and value creation the 2-day course will be perfect for you.

This course provides a practical framework and demonstrates how to create measures to evaluate and improve the PMO and the organisation’s project delivery system. As part of one of the practical activities, a learner can use their organisation’s project delivery framework and gain a more holistic view of areas of improvement.

As this is a new course and maybe a new concept to PMO professionals, Charles asks Jon a range of questions, from ‘what is a value stream?’ to ‘what benefits will value streams bring to my organisation?’. Jon also shares his experience using value stream principles in various organisations to improve project performance and discusses how the course is practical and applicable to real-world scenarios.

Discover the power that Value Streams has in changing your PMO by watching the recording below to find out more about the course and why you should consider joining us in our virtual classroom.

Click here to read more about the course and find out the next virtual course dates.

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