The Top 5 Things Every PMO Manager Should Know!

These past couple of weeks we have been focusing on PMO Managers!

One of the main purposes of the PMO Manager is to set up, run, transform, and close an office that supports P3M delivery and capability. There are also a lot of key responsibilities of a PMO Manager, which are outlined in the Essentials course and in a recent blog we released! Click here to read more!

Last week we decided to look at The Top 5 Things Every PMO Manager Should Know!

1. Stakeholder engagement – the ability to assess the needs and interests of multiple stakeholders and determine an optimal course of action.

2. Designing a set of services – to match your stakeholder needs.

3. Managing the delivery of services – embedding a service management culture in your PMO and ensuring everyone has clear roles and responsibilities, and there are frequent reviews to know how well the services are being used.

4. Measuring the success of the PMO – using corporate metrics and measures (KPIs, OKRs etc.) and associated tools and techniques.

5. Closing the PMO – knowing when to close the PMO and reviewing the lessons learned.

There are many more things the PMO Manager should know but these 5 give an indication as to some of the key areas they focus on!

If you’re looking to find out more about the PMO Manager role, or any of the other PMO roles, the PMO Competency Framework provides the purpose, key responsibilities, key knowledge, key skills, and key behaviours of each role, as well as allowing readers to establish your competency is by completing a self-assessment using the PMO Competency Framework.

If you are a PMO Manager or moving into the role and are looking for some training, then look no further! The Essentials for PMO Managers training gives you the essential knowledge and understanding to undertake the role of a PMO Manager. The course covers the P3M and PMO context, the four key roles within a PMO and the competencies required to successfully undertake the role – including governance, delivery frameworks, assurance, capability and capacity. Click here to read more about the course!

The next Essentials for PMO Managers course is coming up, click here to view upcoming dates.

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