Coaching Skills for the PMO

Coaching Skills for the PMOCoaching and mentoring – we see those words often on a job advertisement for the PMO, an essential skillset frequently asked for. Yet how many PMO practitioners are providing both the coaching and the mentoring?

Often the words are thrown together but they are two very different and distinct practices.

We see mentoring as a very hands-on, in teacher mode. With a mentor, you’re often given the answers to questions or advice on where the answers can be found.


With the coach, we’re focusing on the final definition below – giving professional advice on how someone – or a team – can find the right direction themselves based on the advice given.

With the PMO today we see both mentoring happening within the PMO – between PMO colleagues and between the PMO and the wider organisation – especially new Project Managers to an organisation who need help and support to get up and running.

With both mentoring and coaching there is a common objective or goal and that’s increasing performance.

Coaching Skills for the PMO

PMO Learning’s one day course – Coaching Skills for the PMO focuses on coaching techniques and approaches PMO practitioners can use to gain real tangible results in their work. That can be when managing a PMO team; working with programme and project managers and their teams and working with different and diverse stakeholders across the organisation.

The new one day course focuses on the coaching techniques and approaches that are used in a business context. The course is not about ‘being’ a coach, it’s about using the most effective approaches that a coach uses and learning how to use them as a PMO practitioner. It’s about helping others to solve problems.

We’ve also found that coaching has become increasingly popular with the rise of PMOs supporting hybrid project delivery in their organisations – both waterfall and Agile.

In our popular Lean-Agile PMO course – coaching is one of the areas that the PMO is encouraged to upskill in. Project delivery teams need help and support and the best way to achieve that is by working with them coach-style.

The one day course has been developed following a Mini-Masterclass session at PMO Flashmob earlier in 2018 which gained rave reviews. We’re delighted to have found Bekka Prideaux, she has that unique blend of PMO experience and leadership coach with over 25 years experience.

Coaching Skills for the PMO Course

The Coaching Skills for the PMO course focuses on:

  • Learn what coaching is, the continuum of coaching and how it applies to the various activities undertaken within a PMO
  • Learn how to apply coaching skills and tools in different work situations and at different stages of your career and roles within the PMO
  • Learn and develop the key coaching skills needed to become a Trusted Business Partner
  • Learn how you can apply coaching to motivate, inspire and develop your team
  • Learn how to apply coaching tools including GROW, Structure of a Problem and Ladder of Inference
  • Know how to use your current PMO tools to coach project managers and business partners.
  • Develop an action plan to use coaching in your role
  • Share experiences with other PMO professionals

To find out more and sign up for the course – visit the Coaching Skills for the PMO


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