PMO Courses for Programme Office Managers

We often receive enquiries for courses that are good for people who are currently managing Programme level PMOs.

We know Programme PMOs are the most common type of PMO (see the PMO Benchmark Report over on PMO Flashmob) so it stands to reason that you’re going to see more people managing these types of PMO.

The question we had was – what options are available for me if I’m a Programme Office Manager?

Here are the three options to consider if you’re also looking for PMO certified courses.

Essentials for PMO Managers

This brand new certification course from the House of PMO is aimed specifically for those working as a PMO Manager. The course covers:

  • The P3M and PMO context
  • The four key roles within a PMO
  • The competences required to successfully to undertake the role of a PMO Manager and how they can be applied

The course looks at 5 key areas – Context, Roles, Delivery Support, PMO Management and P3M Enabling.

This is a three day course designed to gain the essential knowledge and understanding to undertake the role of a PMO Manager and understand and articulate the core roles and responsibilities of a PMO Manager role. You can find out more about the certification, and book onto the pilot course here!

AXELOS P3O® (Project, Programme and Portfolio Offices)

This is probably the most well-known of all the certifications and is also good for people who are managing Programme level PMOs. Here’s the learning objectives for the combined P3O®

Foundation and Practitioner:

Learn about:

  • High-level P3O® model and its component offices
  • Differences between Portfolio, Programme and Project Management
  • Key functions and services of a P3O®
  • Reasons for establishing a P3O® model
  • Differences between types of P3O® model and the factors that influence selection of the most appropriate model
  • Processes to implement or re-energize a P3O®
  • Tools and techniques used by a P3O®
  • Purpose and major responsibilities of the defined roles
  • Develop the business case required to obtain senior management approval for the P3O®
  • Identify and build the most appropriate P3O® model, which will adapt to the organization’s needs, taking account of the organization’s size and portfolio, programme and project management maturity
  • Identify the most appropriate roles required to populate a specified P3O® structure
  • Plan the implementation of a P3O®
  • Choose and use appropriate tools and techniques while running the P3O® and advising those who shape the portfolio of programmes and projects

There are several learning options to consider with the P3O® certifcation suite. You can sit the P3O® Foundation (3 days) and Practitioner (2 days) courses seperately, or complete the training over 5 days. You can see all of our upcoming course dates here.

At PMO Learning, we also offer the P3O® Foundation course with self study options – either as eLearning, or as a distance-learning option.

AXELOS MoP® (Management of Portfolios)

This is one of the most popular courses for those managing portolio level PMOs. In the courses, delegates will learn:

  • The scope and objectives of portfolio management and how it differs from programme and project
  • The benefits from applying portfolio management and the context within which it operates
  • The principles which successful portfolio management is based
  • Approaches to implementation, the factors to consider in maintaining progress, and how to assess the
    success of portfolio management
  • The purposes of the portfolio management definition and delivery cycles and their component practices, and relevant techniques applicable to each practice
  • The purpose and key content of the major portfolio documents
  • The scope of key portfolio management roles
  • How to define the business case to get senior management approval for portfolio management
  • How to plan the implementation of portfolio management
  • How to select and adapt MoP® principles, practices and techniques to suit different
    organizational environments
  • How to evaluate examples of MoP® information (including documents and role descriptions)
  • How to analyse the solutions adopted in relation to a given scenario

There are several learning options to consider with the MoP® certifcation suite. You can sit the MoP® Foundation (3 days) and Practitioner (2 days) courses seperately, or complete the training over 5 days. You can see all of our upcoming course dates here.

We also offer the MoP® certification as an eLearning option through our partners at Aspire Europe.

All certification courses include the exam voucher as part of the course fee.

Recommendations for Programme Office Managers?

You have three choices, which one to do? It depends!

There’s a lot of factors that come into play when you’re choosing a PMO certification course, it’s a big investment and you want to make the right choice.

We want to make sure you pick the right course for you too and the best way we can do that is find out a little more about what you want to achieve by doing a PMO course like this.

So the next steps are simple, contact us. Get in touch and we’ll talk through the options with you.

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