What’s in the Lean-Agile PMO Course?

The Lean-Agile PMOThe Lean-Agile PMO course from PMO Learning has been a popular course over the last few years and now it’s been refreshed to make sure it’s in line with all the changes we’ve seen over those two years.

The PMO continues to support an hybrid portfolio of projects and programmes – some Agile led, others more traditional, sometimes a combination of the two. We’ve also seen Agile-at-Scale becoming an area that the PMO is having to upskill in too.

The refreshed course is now a two-day course which has been expanded to include course content:

  • What is Agile? – introduction to Scrum and Kanban
  • Agile roles and responsibilities
  • Designing a PMO to add value in a hybrid context
  • Why Agile portfolio management matters
  • Minimum Business Increment
  • Introducing the main Agile Frameworks
  • Project to Product
  • Agile reporting

The Lean-Agile PMO course enables participants to understand or predict the impacts of Agile on a PMO. Many organisations will find themselves operating with a hybrid portfolio consisting of waterfall activities, Agile activities and some continuous delivery activities. This course outlines how the PMO should adapt itself to support the hybrid portfolio.

Many PMO’s operate as a centre of excellence for initiative delivery as such they design the project delivery framework and artefacts. This course outlines the differences between the frameworks which are used to scale Agile and SCRUM to cater for more substantial activities.

Agile PMOThis open two-day interactive course is designed for Senior PMO Managers, PMO Leads, PMO Analysts, and Heads of Change, who wish to introduce a Lean-Agile PMO concept.

The course outlines the principles of agile portfolio management and portfolio reporting. Following this course participants will:

  • Understand how a PMO should function to support agile and traditional projects and programmes.
  • Understand the critical differences between the Agile Frameworks and the essential factors influencing their selection.
  • Recognise how the PMO needs to adapt and support each of the Frameworks. Be aware of the team roles in agile programmes and projects.
  • Understand the project to product concept and the metrics used to evaluate value-stream performance.
  • Understand how metrics are used in planning, analysis and reporting agile activities.
  • Be able to evaluate the suitability of Risk Management strategies in the agile context.
  • Evaluate the status of agile projects using Red Amber Green analysis.

If you’re interested in upskilling or reskilling in readiness for your role in supporting Agile within your organisation, find out more about the course and book today.


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