How Can P3O® Help Your Organisation?

Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices (P3O®) guidance from AXELOS continues to be the most popular certification based course, certainly in the UK.

We often get asked about who the courses are suitable for – and the short answer is anyone who has an interest in PMO – so that could be because you work in one; would like to introduce PMO to your organisation or just want to understand more about how PMOs work.

In this short video session, Eileen talks about how the P3O® can help the organisation:

We recommend that the P3O® Foundation be undertaken if you already have a good understanding of projects, programmes and portfolios, although you don’t need to have worked at all of these levels.

At the very basic, a good grasp of projects and project management is required.

The Foundation level shares a lot of the theory and gets into not only projects, programmes and portfolios but also business-as-usual.

Over the three days, learners really get to understand why organisations have PMOs; the different ways they use a PMO and the many different services a PMO can offer.

Find out about P3O

Learners find the P3O® Foundation useful in understanding how their role fits within their PMO, and how their PMO fits within the wider P3O® structure within their organisation. It also gives learners some ideas on how they might change or improve the services their PMO offers.

The Foundation course comes with an examination and if the course is taken in the virtual classroom, the exam is taken via live proctor.

P3O Foundation

The Practitioner level course is for those that are working within, managing or setting up a PMO. This level course looks at the how-to:

P3O Practitioner

The Practitioner level course also comes with a longer examination – again it can be delivered by proctor.

If you’re interested in finding out more about P3O® – or looking for some insights into what’s covered – take a look at the recent post on Getting Investment for Your PMO.

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