Justifying your P3O® Foundation Training

You’re ready to embark on some PMO training. All you need to do now is get the agreement from your manager and you’re ready to go.

Sometimes we all need a little help trying to influence and negotiate ourselves through a challenge like this. How can I get the time away from the office? How will I convince my manager to pick up the costs for the course? Sound familiar?


Getting Started

First question to ask is what course is right for me? You look at all PMO Learning courses and decide P3O® Foundation course is the right one for you! You have done all the research on the P3O® certifications page, LinkedIn and even read the syllabus!

After looking at the P3O® Foundation course you then ask the questions, what skills and knowledge will I learn? What are the benefits to my business? What benefits would it bring to our PMO? All these questions will need to be considered before asking your manager!


What Your Manager Wants to Hear
  1. How much will it cost – including any extras like accommodation
  2. How many days will you be out of the office and what will happen to the work whilst you’re away
  3. What benefits will the course give you, and in turn, how those benefits will provide a return on the investment you’re asking them to make

There are a few things to consider with these questions, is there a best time of year to take the course? Can others help with your workload while you are away? And will there be minimal disruption?

Once you have ironed out those details you can move on to tell you manager about all the great benefits of the course! To do this go back to your original questions you asked yourself!


What skills and knowledge will I learn?
  • About best practice PMO models, processes, techniques, and tools
  • Key PMO functions and services such as resource management, risk management, stakeholder management and so on


What are the benefits to my business?
  • Bringing best practice PMO knowledge on approaches, processes, techniques, and tools to improve my personal performance
  • Using the foundation to continue to build my knowledge, capability, and confidence – boosting my morale and job satisfaction


What benefits would it bring to our PMO?
  • Building my confidence to work on PMO initiatives or working on new tasks and activities
  • Knowledge that there is a framework or model to work towards which demonstrates best practice approaches for the PMO


After going through all your questions and answers, you’re ready to bring it all together to create your final justification and discuss it with your manager! Once you’ve got the green light, book your place on the next P3O® Foundation course!


Click here to download the P3O® training justification with full details on where to start, what questions to ask and a justification example to guide you in creating your own!


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