2020 and the Fundamentals of PMO

PMO Learning at the BeachIt’s become an annual event – taking the first week of the year to regroup, re-energise and refocus.  Last year was the beautiful Northumberland coast and this year has been a week in the windswept and equally beautiful Anglesey coast.

We’ve spent the week looking at our successes and learnings from 2019 and pulling together our plan of action for 2020.  There’s certainly lots to do.

Part of what we do is to look at how the PMO industry is moving so we can pull together networking, education and learning events to keep our community informed, and to help prepare them for their future careers.  One of the things I’ve always loved about working in the PMO space is the endless opportunity to learn new things as the services, roles and environment of the PMO is constantly changing.

Through 2019, we supported learning around the Agile agenda, Implementing Benefits Management, Coaching Skills for PMO, as well as introducing how the exciting developments in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are impacting PMOs.  In 2020, this will certainly continue.  New courses for this year include Portfolio Management, PMO Leadership, PMO Facilitation Skills and Implementing Better Business Cases.


With all the new things going on, it is also important to remember that the fundamentals of good project support by PMOs are still in demand.  In fact, good solid PMO practices provide the foundations for all the new stuff coming along, which is why courses like PPSO Essentials is a key staple on our course schedule, and the first course I’ll be running in 2020.

So, if your PMO is not quite on the cutting edge, don’t be dismayed, keep doing the good stuff, keep learning and keep in touch so we can support you on your current and future career path.

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