AI and the PMO Webinar

Next week, on the 21st April 2021, PMO Learning’s Director Lindsay Scott will be taking part in a free webinar titled ‘Adaptive PMO Series: Leverage Artificial Intelligence for Organizational Agility

The virtual event looks to explore the advantages of PMO leaders embracing the use of artificial intelligence (AI), in particular – stronger organizational agility. Hear from PMO leaders Lindsay Scott, Matt Muldoon, John Sherman, Tom Raper and Shawn Dickerson as they explore the benefits of embracing innovative technology to quickly identify risks, improve project delivery and more.

Topics include:

  • Why now is the time to embrace AI in your PMO
  • The challenges from real PMO leaders today and how AI can help alleviate those
  • Why organizations are turning to KeyedIn to embrace this innovative technology to transform how their PMO delivers business value


  • Keynote: AI for the PMO

Hear from PMO Flashmob leader, Lindsay Scott, on the changing role of the PMO with the insights provided by AI.

  • What AI Looks Like in Practice

Hear about the powerful, innovative approach PMO leaders can take by embracing AI to mitigate risk, improve project delivery and more.

  • Ask the Experts – AI Edition

Get your burning questions about the role of AI in the PMO answered by experienced industry experts.

  • Closing Statement

A wrap-up of the live event including key takeaways you can assess and apply to your PMO today using the principals of AI.

If you’re interested in taking part in the webinar, you can register for free, and learn from wherever you are!

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