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A career in project management is not all about being a Project Manager. Over the last twenty years – PMO – which can mean Project Management Office; Programme Management Office or Portfolio Management Office has been a very credible alternative.

Getting into a PMO role is often seen as the entry-level step into working in the project management industry and there is good reason for that. Performing in a Project Administrator or Project Support Officer role allows you to experience the realities of projects whilst you support those delivering the projects or programmes.

So how can you get started in a PMO role?

Project Administrator QualificationThere are two things you need to understand from a knowledge or learning point of view.

These are – project management and what’s expected of you in a Project Administrator or Project Support Officer position.

Without understanding these fundamental aspects you will find it difficult to find your first step into the role.

Luckily the new PMO qualification from the House of PMO gives you both of those fundamental pieces of knowledge.

The Essentials for PMO Administrators is a qualification we’ve waited a long time for. Instead of those new to project management or those looking for a way in having to choose something like PRINCE2 Foundation (which is a project management methodology) to try and gain project management fundamentals – now there is a real choice that meets the objective of getting you ready for real employment.

Why consider Essentials for PMO Administrators?

Why should you consider the Essentials for PMO Administrators? Here are a few of the reasons:

  • Gain the essential knowledge and understanding to undertake the role of a PMO Administrator.
  • Demonstrate a greater understanding of projects, programmes, portfolios and the PMOs.
  • Understand and articulate the core roles and responsibilities of a PMO Administrator role.
  • Learn about the essential competences, knowledge, skills and behaviours required to perform the role of a PMO Administrator successfully.
  • Discover the PMO services offered and how they are delivered by PMO Administrators.
  • Continue your professional and personal development journey in working in a PMO and the PMO Administrator role.

Essentials for PMO AdministratorsWill it get me a job in PMO?

You’re certainly starting on the right path by building some solid understanding of the entry-level role into PMO. One of the things you will also learn on the course is the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to perform competently in the role too.

These become important when pulling together a CV and interviewing for the Project Administrator role. Hirers know that many people working in these roles are pretty new to project management so they’re looking for those transferable skills and the right kind of attitude in a person. It’s these things that you will highlight on your CV.

It is absolutely possible to get into a Project Administrator role without direct experience of doing the role – if it wasn’t, no one would be working in those roles! It’s the classic chicken-or-egg, need the experience to get into a role, can’t get into a role without experiencethat doesn’t apply here.

With the right kind of foundation learning – understanding how projects work and how the role of Project Administrator supports that – you will be much more confident in the applications you make and the interviews you attend.

Ready to start your career in PMO? Take a look at the Essentials for PMO Administrators.

You can also view our webinar hosted by Lindsay Scott and Eileen Roden here:

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