The Incongruous Nomenclature of PMOs


Do you find that there is a lack of consistency around PMO terms? Different types of PMOs having different names for example. Or how about the different titles that people have?

When Eileen and I started PMO Learning and looked at the different training options available and where the gaps might be – one thing we knew that we had to do is try and bring some consistency to a few things.

We know that a lot of the challenges the PMO faces, including you as a practitioner working in PMO – is the context of the PMO. It’s the context that drives the terminology; the roles that are performed and the job titles that go along with that.

In this short video (8 minutes), Eileen gives just the right amount of overview on the ‘P’, the roles and the job titles. It’s gaining the consistency in terminology and context that helps us to develop the right learning and development needed for the different PMO practitioners that are out there.

PMO Learning

PMO Learning


PMO Training

You can read another of our blog posts to find out more about Explaining Your Role in the PMO!

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