PMO Learn! 2022

PMO Learning are excited to be back at PMO Conference 2022 – in both Edinburgh and London! We’ll be hosting PMO Learn for another year – a one-day learning event for you, the PMO practitioner, which focuses on the key challenge areas for PMOs today, with a blend of large-scale classroom learning; workshops; exercises and quizzes.

Join your PMO peers for a great day of learning, facilitated and led by leading PMO trainers and experts.

This year we’ll be covering four topics:

Facilitation Skills

Facilitation skills are a must for anyone working in a PMO. The PMO can provide that independent facilitation role in a number of different areas such as workshops, training, reviews and meetings. We can provide a service to different projects and programmes in sessions such as project kickoff and lessons learnt. We can utilise the facilitation processes and the associated techniques in diverse settings to really help our organisations create sessions that focus on capability development or review strategies. In an situation where a problem needs solving and people need to work creatively and collaboratively, we can help.

Metrics and Measures

The PMO has two different perspectives when it comes to utilising metrics and measures – the first, how do we use them when supporting delivery – be that Waterfall, Agile and a mixture of both – hybrid projects & programmes. Included in that is the portfolio view too. The second – does the PMO really add value to our organisations and if so, can we measure that? Or how are our services working for the organisation? And as a team, are we working well? Metrics and measures are linked to the way we collect and collate data, creating information which helps decisions get made and actions taken.

Coaching Conversations

Coaching has often been identified as a key skill for PMO professionals, one which increases our ability to be a valued partner to the business and to the people our PMO supports. We have many experiences to share yet most of us are not qualified coaches. There is a middle ground and that is through the conversations we have every day. We can utilise different approaches in our conversations with peers, colleagues and senior management to meet our objectives of supporting decision-making and successful delivery.

Value Streams

The PMO now works in an environment where there are many different ways to deliver change; waterfall, Agile, Lean, product. With a push towards business agility there is additional focus on increasing the value being delivered for customers. This focus is a call to action for a PMO. We have always owned the project methodology now we are being asked to improve it – continuously! Value stream management encompasses the methods, processes, people and tools used to deliver projects – exactly those areas that PMO supports, advises on and services.

PMO Learn! London is taking place on the 8th June and PMO Learn! Edinburgh is taking place on the 14th June – you can find out more and book your tickets here! We can’t wait to see you there!

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