Reflections From The Essentials for PMO Administrators course

I’ve been working for PMO Learning for a couple of months now, and last week I sat the Essentials for PMO Administrators course. I was a little nervous as I haven’t sat many online courses and I didn’t know what level everyone else on the course would be at in terms of knowledge and experience in this field.

Before the course, you receive a hard copy of the competency framework, service catalogue, delegate workbook, a pen, and post-it notes! Having a hard copy of the delegate workbook is great as it details the slides and content the trainer will go over and it has room for adding notes!

Michelle was the trainer and straight away she is lovely and welcoming, everyone said their introduction of name, job title, and what they wanted to get out of the course. The course uses a variety of technology other than zoom to complete activities which I thought is a great way to discuss your thoughts on certain topics and put the theory into practice.

On day one we went over the PMO in context, characteristics of projects, programmes, and portfolios, P3M management, lifecycle, and much more. It was really interesting, and Michelle makes sure to break down definitions and relate them to everyone’s own individual organisation. This is great for identifying where you are personally in your own business, areas that you can improve, and learning from other people’s experiences. We ended the day with a recap and in our own time completed the first set of sample exam questions, the day flew by, and I already felt like I learned a lot!

On day 2 everyone was more comfortable with each other and more talkative, we went through PMO roles and P3M Administration competence. The exercises throughout the day again allowed you to chat with a different set of people and put the knowledge into practice. We ended the day again with a recap and went through the sample questions, Michelle is very encouraging and makes sure everyone understands the rationale behind each answer and refers it back to when we learned a particular topic.

Day 3 rolls around and we’re coming to the end of the course! The main topics covered that day were surrounding P3M delivery support such as risk management, issue management, financial management, and reporting. We had some longer activities to really make us think about the content and how it would apply to a business. We finished the last lot of exam question prep and before I knew it the course was finished.

Overall, I thought the course and the trainer were excellent. Having a hard copy of the delegate workbook with the slides and notes was so useful and great when going back over the content later that night.

I am now ready to sit the Essentials for PMO Administrators exam and fingers crossed that it goes well. It has given me the essential knowledge to further understand the PMO world, the PMO roles, and the business I work for.

If you are considering taking the course but are unsure, I advise you to take that step and get in touch with us! We can answer any questions about the course and what you will gain from it. It will not only help you develop in your current or future role, but it will also help the business you work for! The course will outline the standards and key roles you perform as a PMO Administrator and the theory behind why you do it and what the outcomes will be!

Click here to read more about the Essentials for PMO Administrator course!

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