Continuous Improvement for the PMO with Value Streams

The Continuous Improvement for PMO course using Value Streams is now available from PMO Learning.

The Continuous Improvement for the PMO course is a new offering for 2023-2024 and is led by Jon Ward, who is also the trainer for Lean-Agile PMO.

In the launch webinar, Eileen Roden from PMO Learning talks through the course background and why Value Streams are an important approach for the PMO when considering how it continually improves the services it provides for the organisations. The concept of value streams is a really easy and practical way for the PMO to ensure it embeds continuous improvement as part of its culture. In this session, you will hear about the course outline and what content is covered on each day of the course.

This course is also perfect for any PMO practitioner who is looking to understand what value streams are and how they have become adopted by the organisation when running agile and waterfall-based project delivery.



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