What is Your Role in Benefits Management?

Benefits Management CourseHow good is your organisation at Benefits Management?

We think, definitely not as good as it could be.

A few months ago, in October, Eileen gave a presentation on Benefits for All at the BCS Proms-G (Project Management Specialist Group). She introduced the Benefits Management Lifecycle and talked over the different responsibilities of the people involved in project and programme delivery.

While we were there, we spoke to the attendees about the issues in implementing Benefits Management in their organisation. It all boiled down to a couple of key questions:

When Do You Do Benefits Management?

Now the biggest problem with Benefits Management, is that you have to start it early, there’s no use getting to the end of a project, and saying “Now why were we doing this again?” Benefits have to be identified and tracked throughout the project lifecycle and beyond, through implementation into Business-As-Usual, to see whether they’ve actually materialised. This whole process starts in the production of the Business Case and could carry on for months or years after the project has been completed.

Who Does Benefits Management?

Does this move us on to who is actually doing the tracking? If the process is so long, then it’s easy for Project Managers to say “Not my problem!” as they’ve already moved on to new projects when the benefits begin to be realised. The real answer is that everyone has a role in Benefits Management from the PMO to the Project Manager and the Project Sponsor. Take a look at the video below to learn more about the Benefits Management Lifecycle.

Benefits Management For All


If you or your organisation are interested in implementing Benefit’s Management more effectively. Take a look at our one-day Benefits Management course. Available as a public course or in-house, so you can train everyone from your Project Sponsors to Project Support.


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