Why Should You Do the Essentials for PMO Managers Course?

Last year the House of PMO launched the third instalment of the Essentials qualifications with the Essentials for PMO Managers course.

The course is aimed at current PMO Managers or leads or those new and moving into the role such as PMO Analysts. The aim of the course is to give those who take it the essential knowledge and understanding to undertake the role of a PMO Manager.

Why should you consider the Essentials for PMO Managers?

The benefits to individuals who take this course are:

  • You will understand and articulate the core roles and responsibilities of a PMO Manager role.
  • Learn about the essential competences, knowledge, skills and behaviours required to perform the role of a PMO Manager successfully.
  • Explore the PMO services offered and how they are delivered by PMO Managers.
  • Continue your professional and personal development journey in working in a PMO and the PMO Manager role.
  • Discover the fundamentals of the design, set up, implementation, running and closing down of a PMO service.

Why take the course with PMO Learning?

PMO Learning are a specialist provider of PMO education, training and coaching that contributes to an individuals’ development and subsequently used for the benefit of an organization. Our delivery is highly interactive; aimed at enabling delegates to be successful in their examination (for certification courses) and take away some practical applications for the workplace. We also only use trainers who have experience working in or managing a PMO, so that they can give you real life examples and relate to any issues you are currently facing in the workplace.

What does the 3-day virtual course look like?

We use Zoom for all virtual courses to be able to show the content, have breakout rooms and chat with all delegates from around the world. We also use a variety of technology such as Trello and Miro to complete tasks and exercises throughout the courses.

You will also receive the PMO Service Catalogue and PMO Competency Framework textbooks included in the course price as well as a hard copy of the Delegate Workbook, PMO Learning pen and post it notes!

What happens after I take the course?

After you have finished the 3-day virtual course you will sit your exam in your own time and once passed you will receive a certificate and digital badge for the course.

Following the course, you will also be able to move forward with the knowledge of how a delivery framework is used to design, implement, transform, and close a PMO. You will understand and be able to execute the responsibilities of a PMO Manager and progress in your career within project management and the PMO with confidence!

If you are still unsure about whether to take the course or just want some more information, then why not watch our taster session. Click here to watch now!

The next Essentials for PMO Managers course is coming up on the 24th-26th of April. Click here to read more and book your place!

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