PMO Courses for Programme Office Managers

We had an enquiry this week for courses that are good for people who are currently managing Programme level PMOs.

We know Programme PMOs are the most common type of PMO (see the PMO Benchmark Report over on PMO Flashmob) so it stands to reason that you’re going to see more people managing these types of PMO.

The question we had was – what options are available for me if I’m a Programme Office Manager?

Here are the three options to consider if you’re also looking for PMO certified courses.

BCS PPSO Advanced Practitioner

This certification course from the British Computer Society (BCS) the Chartered Institute for IT, is totally aimed at those managing Programme level PMOs. The learning objectives for the course say it all:

  • Produce Terms of Reference for the Programme/Project Support Office (PPSO)
  • Produce the Business Case for the Programme/Project Support Office
  • Design the Programme/Project Support Office
  • Set up and staff the Programme/Project Support Office
  • Set and maintain service level agreements for business level and project level services
  • Demonstrate the ability to tailor/apply PPSO Advanced techniques to a given scenario:
    • Programme and Project Lifecycles
    • Programme, Project, Product and System Development Methods
    • Support Tools
    • Dealing with non-programme or non-project work
    • Dealing with difficult situations
    • The Business Case(advanced)
    • Marketing the PPSO
  • Keeping the PPSO current

This course is 5 days and costs £2500 – you can take a look at the PPSO Advanced Practitioner course in more detail and check out the schedule.

AXELOS P3O (Project, Programme and Portfolio Offices)

This is probably the most well-known of all the certifications and is also good for people who are managing Programme level PMOs. Here’s the learning objectives for the combined P3O Foundation and Practitioner:

Learn about:

  • High-level P3O model and its component offices
  • Differences between Portfolio, Programme and Project Management
  • Key functions and services of a P3O
  • Reasons for establishing a P3O model
  • Differences between types of P3O model and the factors that influence selection of the most appropriate model
  • Processes to implement or re-energize a P3O
  • Tools and techniques used by a P3O
  • Purpose and major responsibilities of the defined roles
  • Develop the business case required to obtain senior management approval for the P3O
  • Identify and build the most appropriate P3O model, which will adapt to the organization’s needs, taking account of the organization’s size and portfolio, programme and project management maturity
  • Identify the most appropriate roles required to populate a specified P3O structure
  • Plan the implementation of a P3O
  • Choose and use appropriate tools and techniques while running the P3O and advising those who shape the portfolio of programmes and projects

This course is also 5 days and costs £2125.

There are other options to consider with P3O. You can split the 5 days into two. You can take the P3O Foundation (3 days) and then do the P3O Practitioner (2 days) at a later date.

You can also opt to do the P3O Study Days. These are distance learning, self-study. The study day includes last-minute exam prep and guidance and then you sit the exam in the afternoon. That’s cost-effective at £500 for the P3O Foundation and £600 for the P3O Practitioner.

Check out the different options here:

  1. P3O Foundation and Practitioner (5 days)
  2. P3O Foundation (3 days)
  3. P3O Practitioner (2 days)
  4. P3O Study Date – Foundation & Practitioner


AIPMO IPMO-Practitioner

The final option and the newest PMO certification to take a look at is the AIPMO one. The Association for International PMOs has three levels of certifications, and its the second one – the IPMO-Practitioner which is for people managing project, programme and portfolio level PMOs.

Here’s the learning objectives for this course:

  • Understand the value of high performing PMOs
  • Describe the different roles of PMOs in a single and networked context and across different levels of the organisation
  • Understand the similarities and differences of organisational project management maturity versus PMO maturity
  • Hand-on experience on applying the PMO lifecycle using the detailed case study to walk through a real PMO example
  • Experience establishing a mandate for PMOs implementations
  • Identify the steps required to implement PMOs ranging from a single project based PMO, to enterprise-wide PMOs
  • Learn new tools and techniques never used before in the PMO arena

With this course, there is a lot more focus on the service design and implementation of PMOs. The course is 5 days and costs £2799.

You can take a look at the full breakdown of modules for the IPMO-Practitioner here.

Recommendations for Programme Office Managers?

You have three choices, which one to do? It depends!

There’s a lot of factors that come into play when you’re choosing a PMO certification course, it’s a big investment and you want to make the right choice.

We want to make sure you pick the right course for you too and the best way we can do that is find out a little more about what you want to achieve by doing a PMO course like this.

So the next steps are simple, contact us. Get in touch and we’ll talk through the options with you.




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