Portfolio Management and the PMO

Although it is now generally accepted that the PMO is not just an admin department, the discussions seem to have moved to the other end of the spectrum – whether PMOs do or support Portfolio Management. In this one hour webinar, we explored the role of PMO in Portfolio Management and launched our new course Portfolio Management for PMOs.

In this session, Eileen kicks off with an overview of the evolving role of the PMO and the difference in PMO role with portfolio management – is it at a supporting level or the next step further up the chain with a portfolio guidance role?

Portfolio Management PMO

This part of the session also covers an introduction to one of our new courses for 2020.

Enterprise-wide Portfolio Management is still a relatively young senior management discipline and therefore not always fully understood – existing frameworks and maturity models usually do not provide a holistic approach and practical guidance at the same time. This class shows not only what good Enterprise-wide Portfolio Management looks like but also how the PMO becomes a key enabler and participant during the design, set-up and running of Enterprise-wide Portfolio Management.

The course is two and a half days and covers the following modules:

Enterprise-Wide Portfolio Management


To find out more about portfolio management and the PMO, take a look at the recorded webinar session:


For more information about the course [Effective Enterprise-Wide Portfolio Management] including course overview and learning objectives.

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