Project Challenge: Getting Ahead in Your PMO Career

Project Challenge is coming up fast with only two months to go and we can’t wait to see you all! As the leading expo for all things programmes, projects or processes, Project Challenge is the best place to keep up-to-date on all the services and tools available for project management and the PMO.

PMO Learning will be at Stand 130 ready to answer all your PMO training questions (and invite you to some fun events through PMO Flashmob.) We’ll be able to help you plan the best training for you or your team, keep you updated on our upcoming events, give you some on the fly career advice or help you book a more personalised mentoring session.

Away from the stand, Lindsay will also be running a session: Getting Ahead in Your PMO Career. From programme managers to project support officers and every other one of the seemingly endless PMO roles (see our jargon buster), everyone can do with some career advice from time to time.

In this session, Lindsay will look at 10 different things you can be doing to get ahead in your career. Whether that means getting your foot on ladder, landing that promotion you’ve been desperate for or simply excelling at the role you’re currently in.

You’ll take a whistle-stop tour through CVs, job roles, PMO skills and capabilities, behaviours, and habits, that will leave you much better at navigating the twists and turns that working in a PMO can bring.

You can be sure you’re getting the best advice, after all, Lindsay boasts an impressive 20 years in the recruitment industry as well running PMO Flashmob and PMO Conference so shes a certified master at getting PMO people together and making things happen. The session will be jam packed with tips and tricks, insights and inspiration coming from a true industry expert.

If you’d like more information about Project Challenge, or would like to register, visit their website and we’ll see you soon!


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