The PMO Lifecycle

We’re all familiar with the project lifecycle, but what about the PMO lifecycle?

We’re taking a look at what a PMO lifecycle is and why, as PMO practitioners, it is helpful to understand how a PMO lifecycle works.

As you can imagine, there are different PMO lifecycles depending on the type and context of the PMO in question. For example, the PMO lifecycle of a project-based PMO is very different to that of an enterprise-level PMO or ePMO. Aside from some PMOs being a temporary or permanent endeavours – there are also different lifecycles depending on what that PMO is there to do and the services it provides.

From a PMO practitioner’s perspective of course it is essential to understand the lifecycle of the PMO you’re currently working in – and how your role fits within it. It is also useful to understand what other lifecycles exist because you never know where your career in PMO will lead and which types of PMO you’ll be working in, in the future.

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