My P3O® Foundation eLearning Experience!

I’ve been looking to complete my P3O® Foundation certification for a while, but I’ve been considering my different options. It wasn’t ideal for me to take three days off work for training, so I wanted something that I could work through outside of my working hours, without being constrained by a daily schedule. I’d considered the P3O® Foundation Distance Learning before, but I was looking for a learning experience that had a more structured approach, as my learning style is not entirely independent.

I then decided on the P3O® Foundation eLearning option – it fit within my budget, I wasn’t confined by a daily classroom schedule, and provided a more structured approach than the P3O® Foundation Distance Learning option. Here is my takeaway of the experience…

In order to gain access to the content, I had to use my online account on the PMO Learning website – it was easy to access, I knew exactly where to find the content, and it saved my progress which was a really helpful touch. I didn’t have to waste time trying to find out where I had left off, and this was great for working around my schedule. It also lets you know how you have done on the practice exam questions throughout – a great way to track your progress!

The content is broken down into the individual modules, and at the end of each topic, you can follow through to the next, or jump to a different module. When I was revising for my P3O Foundation exam, this was really helpful when looking to review certain parts of the course.

This was further helped by the video clips. It was great to have the P3O® author, Eileen Roden, break down specific terms and explain them in an understandable context.

Personally, I think the best part of the P3O® Foundation eLearning was the activities and practice exam questions. They were a great indicator of how I was doing, helped me feel more confident about sitting the exam, and helped solidify my knowledge.

Although I didn’t complete the course in a traditional classroom setting, the eLearning option worked perfectly for me. Where the P3O® Foundation Distance Learning allows for completely independent learning, I was pleased for the structured approach of the eLearning. It also had the benefit of not requiring to work from a textbook, but instead follow through the necessary modules. Having the practice exam questions and being able to see my mark at the end only fuelled my confidence for sitting the real exam.

I really enjoyed the convenience of being able to enter and exit the eLearning as required with my progress saved throughout – it saved a lot of time not having to find my place, flick through chapters and of course – I didn’t have to take 3 days off work for training!

If you’re looking for a flexible and affordable way to get your first P3O® certification, I would highly recommend considering the eLearning option. The content was accesible, clearly presented and I never felt overwhelmed with information, or too many slides!

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