Upcoming Changes to P3O®

As of 1st February 2022, PeopleCert, the accrediting body for P3O® certifications are implementing a new commercial strategy that will impact the ways in which courses and exams are conducted. The changes are following Peoplecert’s acquisition of AXELOS earlier this year.

PeopleCert have outlined the strategy change:

to remove competitive disadvantages, and create a more level playing field in what is now, an online global marketplace. Our intent is to remove some of the complexities and barriers to entry within our industry and make it easier and faster for training organisations to collaborate with a single supplier.

The new commercial strategy is removing physical exams entirely, for a number of reasons:

One of the most important benefits online proctored exams offers is improved exam content security. By going paperless, we support sustainability as a core value, and we standardise the candidate exam experience which safeguards the value of the exam.

There has been steep rise in the demand for online proctored exams versus paper-based ones (demand in UK and US reached 95%). While demand may have become more obvious due to Covid restrictions, (it seems to have since stabilised), the fact remains that the rising trend towards online exam delivery commenced prior to the pandemic.

For our delegates, exam vouchers will continue to be issued via PeopleCert, and you can read more about online proctored exams with PeopleCert here.

We are anticipating further communications regarding the new commercial strategy, which is likely to include details on pricing structures.

At PMO Learning, we will be reviewing our pricing and scheduling of our upcoming P3O® courses, our P3O® Foundation eLearning and P3O® Foundation Distance-Learning which will be taken into effect from 1st February 2022 – a great incentive to take advantage of our current list prices! You can find out more about our P3O® certification courses and learning options here.

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