Where You Can Find Us Next!

Every month!

Join us every month for networking and learning with the PMO Flashmob

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PMO Learn! - The One Day Classroom Event

Takes place November 2021 - the largest PMO classroom event

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PMO Conference 2021

Takes place November 2021 - the UK's premier PMO conference

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PMO Workshops and Events

Want to invite PMO Learning to talk at one of your events, or plan a PMO event at your organisation? Visit our Workshops and Events page.

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PMO Flashmob

We support PMO Flashmob, a networking and community group for all PMO people.

They run networking and learning events all across the country and it's free to sign up!

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Training Schedule

If you're looking for a training course, you're in the wrong place, visit our public training schedule to see all upcoming courses.

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