Lunch and Learn – Learning as a PMO Team

In this Lunch and Learn, Eileen discusses the benefits of in-house training courses for teams within an organisation.

If you have six or more members of staff at your organisation wanting to take the same PMO course, you can run it internally at your location or virtually. It is much more cost and time-effective to host the training with just your team as opposed to joining a public course. We can also tailor the course content to the organisation’s specific needs and goals.

Eileen discusses the active nature of learning and the importance of understanding how new knowledge will be applied in the workplace. The discussion also includes the advantages of team-based learning, fostering collaboration, and building a shared understanding among team members.

If you missed the session or would like to watch it back, the recording is available below!

At PMO Learning, we offer a range of certification and specialist courses to choose from. If you would like to discuss running a PMO training course in-house, fill out the form below and our training specialist will be in touch!

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