Shape Your Learning: Tell Us the PMO Topics You Want to Explore in Our Future Webinars!

We had a great time at the London PMO Conference the other week. We had a lot of great conversations with delegates about our training courses and development opportunities. We also had the opportunity to ask delegates what topics they would like to learn in our future webinars.

Every month we host Taster Sessions of our courses or Lunch and Learn webinars to discuss various topics, helping PMO practitioners improve their understanding of the PMO environment!


Here are some of the responses we received from the conference:

  • Resource management and prioritisation

Resource management and prioritisation are critical functions within a PMO. Resource management is also a specialist competence outlined in the PMO Competency Framework and covered on our Essentials for PMO Analysts course. It is certainly a key topic we will look at in the future.

  • The differences between a PMO Manager and PMO Director 

Every PMO is different, and it can be confusing to distinguish the difference between these roles and their relevant responsibilities. We have previously written blogs on the differences between PMO Analysts and PMO Managers and lunch and learn webinars on your first steps as a PMO Manager. The difference between a PMO Manager and PMO Director is definitely one for us to look at next.

  • Benefits management 

Benefits management is an area which many organisations struggle to get to grips with. We have previously run a taster session on our Benefits Management and the Role of the PMO specialist course, which covers the benefits management lifecycle. We will look to add a Lunch and Learn session on benefits management as we know it’s a popular topic with PMOs today.

  • Risk management 

Risk management is an important topic which is covered in our Essentials courses. Effective risk management ensures that projects are delivered on time, within budget, and to the required quality standards. This is another key topic which we will look to add to our upcoming events.

  • Career steps in PMO

We have previously run career webinars such as getting started in a PMO role and your first steps as a PMO Administrator, and PMO Manager. Career steps in PMO is one which is always requested. We have a career and training drop in session webinar coming up on Wednesday 21st August 12pm BST. Join us and ask any PMO related career or development question. Click here to register!

  • Agile principles

Agile is another popular topic discussed in PMOs today. We recently ran a webinar on tackling agile in PMO. If you missed the session or would like to watch it back, click here.


All of these are great topics and we will definitely look to incorporate them in our future webinars. If there are any topics you would like to see us cover that aren’t included in this list then please get in touch here.

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