The 12 Days of PMO Learning

This December, we’ve been taking a look back at some of our favourite moments in 2019. In case you’ve missed them, we’ve gathered a list of our most notable posts this year.

1 – Getting Ahead in your PMO Career

Back in September, Lindsay did a talk at Project Challenge on top 10 things you can do to get ahead in your career. In this whistlestop tour, she covered everything from CV writing to mentoring and everything in between. Take a look at the video to get some top tips for career development.

2 – AIPMO – Expert Uncovered

This year, we began running our AIPMO IPMO-Expert course (the only PMO course aimed at experienced PMO Managers, Directors and Consultants) as a 5-day residential course. We took a look at what the course now offers in its intensive week of learning, including guest talks from visiting PMO experts and dinner discussions.

3 – PMO Learning at Project:Hack

PMO Learning have sponsored Project:Hack for over a year now. Created and hosted by Projecting Success, the aim of Project:Hack is to bring together the worlds of data analytics and project management. As we all know, PMOs are the kings of statistics, keeping track of budgets, benefits and deadlines. Governance and reporting are the bread and butter of the traditional PMO but are we truly getting the most use out of all that data?

4 – When is a Project a Project?

In 2019, we launched our new specialist course – Setting up A PMO. Setting up a PMO is often one of the first steps of establishing formal Project Management within an organisation – whether that be at department, division or organisation level. During the process of determining which project delivery method to use, an important question has to be answered – When is a project, a project?

5 – Support vs Service Driven PMOs

At our breakfast briefing in September, Eileen Roden spoke about the evolving role of the PMO. PMOs are moving from providing generic support to projects and programmes – what kind of support? Well, anything we want to!  To start to think about having a defined list of services. Has your PMO moved from home cooking to restaurant service?

6 – The Role of an Effective PMO in Successful Project and Programme Delivery

All the way back in January, Eileen gave a talk on The Role of an Effective PMO in Successful Project and Programme Delivery. The talk included how an effective PMO can drive project delivery as well as some of the challenges when dealing with PMOs (particularly an ineffective PMO) and explored strategies and tactics to get the best from them.

7 – What is an Agile PMO?

This year also saw the start of our Agile Frameworks and the PMO course. It’s simple, more and more projects are being delivered by using Agile approaches rather than by more traditional waterfall approaches and for a PMO to provide support on agile projects, they need to know how agile projects work.

8 – Hello World: PMO Learning introducing Cyril Bot

After getting involved in the data analytics community and meeting tons of innovative people while sponsoring Project:Hack, this year, we’ve teamed up with Projecting Success again to begin our own RPA project. Take a look at how our new bot, Cyril, has got to grips with some of our more mundane admin tasks.

9 –  Coaching Skills and the PMO

June saw the start of our Coaching Skills for the PMO course. Coaching skills for the PMO is about understanding the tools and techniques used by coaches to get the best out of everyone they work with, and that’s something that everyone can use in their career, no matter what industry you work in or how senior you are in your organisation.

10 – PMO Learn!

We always have a great time at the PMO Conference, in 2019 we ran a series of PMO classroom courses in the run-up to the main event. In 2020 we’re looking forward to our brand new event PMO Learn! One of the worlds biggest PMO classroom events. We’ll be focussing on 4 key challenge areas for PMOs – Resource Management, Benefits Management, Reporting & Dashboards and Portfolio Management.


11 – Portfolio Management and the PMO

Just a few weeks ago, we ran a webinar on The Role of the PMO in Portfolio Management. We heard from Eileen, who spoke about the evolving services offered by PMOs, more and more are beginning to take on elements of Portfolio Management. We also heard from Holger Heuss, who launched his new course, Portfolio Management and the PMO.

12 – PMO Christmas

We’re rounding off our 12 days with a Merry Christmas from us all at PMO Learning, we’re looking forward to seeing you all in the new year, and helping you to meet your 2020 PMO training goals.

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