AIPMO – IPMO-Expert™ Certification


Learning Approach: Classroom

Duration: 5 days (Residential)

Exam: 2 hours, 100 multiple choice questions

Certification Body: AIPMO

Price: £3400 + VAT (discounts may apply)


  • 10 years experience in Project, Programme or Portfolio Management
  • 2 years plus as a PMO Manager / PMO Director
  • IPMO-P™ Certification, or PMI PMP® or AXELOS Practitioner Levels in MSP®, P3O® or MoP®

Pre-Reading: A small amount of pre-reading is required for this course. It is distributed approximately two weeks before the course start.

Booking includes PMO Conference 2021 ticket!

*Pre-requisites are an indication of the level of experience expected of delegates.

The IPMO-Expert level course is specifically for:

  • PMO Managers
  • PMO Directors
  • Senior Project, Programme and Portfolio professionals
  • Senior consultants ( in PMO / organisational change)
  • Project, Programme and Portfolio Managers with experience in PMO

This course brings together the latest in academic research and best practices across the project, programme and portfolio management areas into a PMO framework based on the AIPMO standard. The IPMO-Expert certification course is immersive, hands-on and covers the day-to-day operational aspects of enterprise level PMOs.

As a IPMO-Expert you will learn advanced and strategic PMO capabilities which extend beyond the traditional functions of Project, Programme, and Portfolio Management and into the realm of organisational and transformative change for strategic business execution.

As a PMO expert, you will be able to assess PMOs in operation within the context of your organisation focusing on the success criteria and factors of complex enterprise level PMOs; permanent and temporary offices throughout the organisation.

You will be able to:

  • Design and establish enterprise-wide strategies based on different configurations of PMO throughout the enterprise.
  • Design, pilot, set up and operate multiple PMOs within the organisation.
  • Understand the core capabilities to build and run an Enterprise PMO.

AIPMO Expert CourseCourse modules include:

  • Module 1: Building the Context and Need for PMOs
  • Module 2: PMO Lifecycle to Build and Run PMOs
  • Module 3: Assessing the Need, Building and/or Extending PMOs
  • Module 4: Run, Monitor and Control One (Or More) PMOs
  • Module 5: Transform / Retire PMOs
  • Module 6: PMO Success and PMO Maturity
  • Module 7: Capabilities to Build and Run a PMO
  • Module 8: Eponymous Laws, Theories and Latest Project Management and PMO Research

Download the full course breakdown here.

*Module structure may change

In the course, learners will:

  • Understand the value of high-performing PMOs.
  • Learn how to create and implement an enterprise PMO strategy.
  • Learn about the different roles of PMOs in a single and networked context and across different levels of the organisation.
  • Understand the similarities and differences of organisational project management maturity versus PMO maturity.
  • Gain experience of applying the PMO lifecycle in the 5 day case study to create and implement an optimum topology of PMOs with the associated capabilities and services required.
  • Identify the competencies required for the different levels of PMO responsibilities including the roles of Project, Programme and Functional Managers.
  • Understand the approaches required to ensure organisational-wide PMOs are aligned to the organisational strategy.
  • Understand how to spot and support under-performing PMOs.
  • Learn new tools and techniques never used before in the PMO arena.
  • Meet and learn together with other experienced managers of PMO – exchanging ideas & resources and taking part in discussions and debates.
  • Hear from external guest speakers over dinner to explore advanced topics in PMO management.
  • Prepare to pass the AIPMO-Expert exam and become IPMO-Expert certified.

After the course, learners will be able to:

  • Increase the value of PMOs in their organisations.
  • Design and establish an enterprise-wide PMO strategies based on PMO configurations across the business.
  • Use the PMO Lifecycle Framework to design, build, run and transform successful PMOs within the enterprise PMO setup.
  • Share group experiences and develop knowledge within the organisation.
  • Continue to learn and benefit from releases of new academic research in PMO.
  • Join the growing alumni of PMO experts and join the professional networking group of other likeminded PMO experts.

If you’ve taken the AIPMO IPMO-Expert course, congratulations, you’ve reached the highest level of professional PMO certifications that currently exist.

So what next for your development?

At PMO Learning we offer specialist courses in specific PMO topic areas such as Agile PMO or Benefits Management to help keep you up to date with the latest developments in PMO.

Or perhaps you’re interested in giving back and using your advanced experience and skills in PMO to help new generations of PMO practitioners to excel? Why not contact us and talk to us about how you can get involved in the PMO community.



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