What is In-House Training?

Did you know we can bring any of our certification or specialist courses In-House?

This means if you have six or more members of staff at your organisation wanting to take the same PMO course, you can run it internally at your location or virtually.

It is much more cost and time-effective to host the training with just your team as opposed to joining a public course.

You set the location and leave the rest to us.

We provide the certified trainer and all the course materials, ready to go on the dates that suit you.

What courses we offer

At PMO Learning we have a range of certification courses including the Essentials suite, P3O®, MoP® and P3G as well as specialist courses such as Benefits Management, Assurance and Lean-Agile PMO.

All the PMO certifications and specialist courses can be tailored to your organisation.
We also offer bespoke training that allows you to develop your staff based on your own approaches, techniques, processes and tools.

Click here to see the full range of courses we offer.

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Why do it In-House?

There are numerous benefits to running a course In-House.

- Choose a time and date that suits you.
- Tailor the course to your organisation’s needs.
- Give your team/department the same level of knowledge and skills.
- Help projects/processes run smoothly.
- Management can oversee their team learning.
- Improve team collaboration and communication.
- Gain deeper feedback and ideas from employees.
- Improve capability.

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How does it work?

Are you wanting to train your team or entire organisation? Get in touch with our training specialist who will discuss the following.

- What course are you looking to complete?
- What areas of your team/business are you looking to improve?
- What knowledge are you looking to gain from the course?
- How many delegates do you have?
- What is your budget?
- Would you prefer a classroom or virtual course?
- What are your preferred dates and times?

We will then set up a call with one of our trainers to discuss further your training needs, dates and logistics.

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In-House Training with PMO Learning

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