If you’re interested in P3O® certifications we offer a range of ways to complete your certification. As well as our classroom-based open-public courses we also provide a virtual classroom option. To find out more about when the courses are scheduled [take a look at the upcoming courses]

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If you’re interested in either course option below contact us so we can keep you updated for future course dates.

P3O® Foundation and Practitioner

If you have limited time out for training or would like to get both courses done together. Just check the [live training schedule] to see what’s available.

The P3O® Foundation & Practitioner Certification is the combined course for P3O® which lasts for five days. You take the Foundation examination on day three and the Practitioner examination on day five.

The course covers both the fundamentals of P3O®, giving you a solid foundation in the P3O® model; the terminology and concepts involved; the key functions and services in a P3O® model; the tools and techniques used in a P3O® and looks at the different types of PMOs with the model. The practitioner part of the course covers the design, implementation and management of a P3O model. You will gain an overall understanding of the elements, roles, functions and tools and techniques deployed in a generalised P3O model.

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P3O® Virtual Classroom

If you’re not able to travel to a public training course, take a look at the virtual classroom option.

The virtual classroom still follows the same classroom schedule – so that’s three days for the P3O Foundation and two days for the P3O Practitioner.

Your virtual classroom has a live instructor throughout the course and you’ll be using online technology to learn alongside your fellow PMO learners.

You’ll still receive all the materials and textbook – just like you would in a real classroom – plus you’ll also be engaging in training exercises online with your peers.

They only thing that is different, you’ll be attending from anywhere you feel most comfortable.

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