If you’re interested in P3O® certifications we offer a range of ways to complete your certification. As well as our classroom-based open-public courses we also provide a virtual classroom option, eLearning and a distance-learning option too. To find out more about when the courses are scheduled [take a look at the upcoming courses]

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P3O® Foundation and Practitioner

PMO Learning P3O Training Schedule

If you have limited time out for training or would like to get both courses done together. Just check the live training schedule to see what’s available.

The P3O® Foundation & Practitioner Certification is the combined course for P3O® which lasts for five days. You take the Foundation examination on day three and the Practitioner examination on day five.

The course covers both the fundamentals of P3O®, giving you a solid foundation in the P3O® model; the terminology and concepts involved; the key functions and services in a P3O® model; the tools and techniques used in a P3O® and looks at the different types of PMOs with the model. The practitioner part of the course covers the design, implementation and management of a P3O model. You will gain an overall understanding of the elements, roles, functions and tools and techniques deployed in a generalised P3O model.

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P3O® Foundation and Practitioner Virtual Classroom

Ways to Learn P3O

If you’re not able to travel to a public training course, take a look at the virtual classroom option.

The virtual classroom still follows the same classroom schedule – so that’s three days for the P3O Foundation and two days for the P3O Practitioner.

Your virtual classroom has a live instructor throughout the course and you’ll be using online technology to learn alongside your fellow PMO learners.

You’ll still receive all the materials and textbook – just like you would in a real classroom – plus you’ll also be engaging in training exercises online with your peers.

They only thing that is different, you’ll be attending from anywhere you feel most comfortable.

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P3O® Foundation Distance-Learning

P3O Foundation Distance-Learning

If you enjoy learning at your own pace and looking for a great price too – you can consider the P3O Foundation Distance-Learning option.

With this course, there is no live instructor; you’ll receive an email each week for six weeks giving you access to assistance in using your P3O manual, studying and getting ready for your exam.

When you purchase your course, you will have access to your P3O Foundation exam voucher and straight away you’ll receive your first email to get you started.

You’ll also have access to our Learner’s Forum where any questions can be posted and the trainer will respond to you.

This option means the course is self-directed and you’ll be learning through reading and understanding the P3O manual.

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P3O® Foundation eLearning


We’re launching our P3O Foundation eLearning in February 2021! If you’re looking to learn whenever, wherever you are, with great learning materials, videos from P3O author Eileen Roden, activities and practice exam questions all for a great price – this is the option for you!

eLearning is a great middle-ground between completely independent learning and trainer-led classroom learning. You will receive access to the eLearning which includes slides, videos, learning activities and practise exam questions to review each module.

You’ll also have access to our Learner’s Forum where any questions can be posted and the trainer will respond to you.

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