Benefits Management and the PMO

The one day course is available in-house for up to 12 delegates at a location of your choosing.

The course is suitable for project practitioners at any level and organisations often have a mix within the course including project managers, project sponsors, programme managers and PMO.

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Understanding Benefits Management

In-house Course Delivery

Benefits Management and the PMO

Effective Benefits Management comprises activities from project inception through to post project closeout.  There are actions to be undertaken by senior management, the sponsor, the project manager, the project team, the users and the PMO.  This one day class provides an overview of the full Benefits Management lifecycle.  Specifically for the PMO professional, the class also explores the challenges, and potential strategies and tactics to overcome them, when implementing Benefits Management within an organisation.

Course Objectives

By the end of the workshop, delegates will:

  • Know the key stages within the Benefits Management Lifecycle and how it aligns to the Project and Programme Lifecycle.
  • Understand the key activities and associated tools, techniques and deliverables within each stage of the Benefits Management Lifecycle.
  • Understand key roles and responsibilities in respect of the activities within the Benefits Management Lifecycle.
  • Have explored the role of the PMO in implementing and supporting Benefits Management within an organisation.
  • Have explored the challenges of implementing and supporting Benefits Management within an organisation and identified potential strategies and tactics to overcome them.


Course Content

  • Introductions, Objectives and Agenda
  • Overview of the Benefits Management Lifecycle
  • Benefits Identification
  • Benefits Evaluation
  • Benefits Planning
  • Benefits Realization
  • Benefits Review
  • Reflection and Action Planning


Course Delivery

This one day course is held at your own location for up to 12 people.

The course can also be tailored to your organisation’s own challenges.

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Understanding Benefits Management

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Understanding Benefits Management

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