PRINCE2, the most popular project management training course in the UK and the one most frequently asked for by hirers.

PRINCE2 is available at Foundation and Practitioner levels – frequently taken together.

Relevant exam vouchers included in course fee.

Why should I take the course?

Apart from it being one of the most frequently asked for certifications you might consider taking PRINCE2 to understand how traditional waterfall projects are run. PRINCE2 is a methodology, just one of the many that organisations choose to use when delivering the projects.

It’s worth noting though that many organisations don’t use PRINCE2 in its entirety, they tailor it or use certain parts of it. With a course like PRINCE2, you’ll be learning about a waterfall-based project lifecycle and the different components.

For a PMO practitioner, you might opt to take PRINCE2 because you need to understand more about traditional project delivery and the different terminology that is used within the method.

PRINCE2 is also a popular choice if you are specifically working within the public sector because the method was initially a government-led creation and still remains a defacto standard.

PRINCE2 – with its principles, themes and processes – has helped PMO practitioners understand project delivery, especially if they are working in a PMO and have never managed projects themselves. It helps to build relationships with project managers when you understand the approach they are adopting to managing their projects.

You have two options, take the PRINCE2 Foundation or take both the Foundation and Practitioner together.

How do I take this course?

This course is provided via eLearning. You will receive login details to access the course materials and lessons, you then take the course, learning at your own pace.

The price also includes the exam. An exam voucher will be issued to you and you can take the exam whenever you are ready. Exams are proctored, which means they can be booked and carried out remotely. You will need a PC/laptop with webcam in order to take the exam. Instructions on how to book your exam will be sent to you.

To get the ball rolling, enrol on the course and start learning today.

Should I take Foundation and Practitioner?

It depends. For PMO practitioners the PRINCE2 Foundation is an adequate level and the bulk of the PRINCE2 materials are covered at this level.

The Practitioner level is mainly directed at delivery roles, Project Managers for example.

With the Foundation level, there is no need to resit the exam after three years like there is with the Practitioner level.

For more information take a look at the PRINCE2 information from AXELOS

I have no qualifications, should I do this first?

If you’re just starting out in project management and PMO, you should consider the APM Project Fundamentals Qualification (PFQ) first.

As the name suggests, it starts with the fundamentals of project management rather than the method (PRINCE2).

The best way to describe the difference is, APM PFQ is like learning to cook and PRINCE2 is just one of the many recipes you can follow once you’ve learn the basics of cookery.

Will PRINCE2 help me secure a job?

You’ll see PRINCE2 as a requirement on lots of job advertisements but having the qualification without practical experience in a project management role makes it very unlikely that you’ll secure a role based on having the PRINCE2 qualification alone.

Are there any discounts available?

There is a 5% discount available when you purchase more than one eLearning course at the same time. Contact us for more details.

eLearning courses included in this offer – PRINCE2, MSP, MoP, MoR, APM PFQ, AgilePM, Business Cases, Managing Benefits, Change Management.

Is there support available throughout the course?

If you require any support during your eLearning course, the Aspire Europe helpdesk is available during office hours. The contact number and email will be made available upon booking.

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