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Find out what kind of challenges people have and what they thought about the service

"I have a wide experience working as a PMO analyst in France but since I moved to London more than one year ago it's quite difficult for me to find any related position. I'm sure I have proper skills but I'd like to correctly communicate and be successful in an application process."

“Thank you so much for your insights, I’ve now got a clearer picture of what recruiters are looking for in the UK and made changes to the CV. Really pleased with it”

"I'm looking for a PMO Contractor CV review and coaching/mentoring sessions"

“I got the most benefit from a critical review and expert input to improve CV quality, great initial session!”

"I'd like to get some practical insights on benefits management and how to apply it to me role"

“Thank you very much. I was feeling lost before I called but now I have a boost of confidence and some useful stuff I can go away and start doing. Hopefully I can book another session (s) in soon.”

"CV writing - currently been out of work for a year, wanting to pursue alternative routes."

“Thank you so much for the session, my CV is a lot better now and I feel confident enough to start applications and get into work”

"I need some help with an interview - I have to do a presentation"

” . . . really, really good . . . exceeded expectations in what was covered . . . gave a real practical insight . . . wish we had more time . . . “

"I'd like to talk about the different career paths that might be available to me"

“This is the first conversation I’ve ever had with a professional about my career going in this direction. I found all the advice valuable”

"I'd like to get some advice on an overview of the PMO Manager role and how to be most effective"

“I am very grateful to Eileen for her patience in expounding the role for me, this permitted me to see how my skills and experiences are suited for a Serviced based PMO”

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