PMO Learning’s coaching and mentoring sessions are an excellent way to gain direction; set goals; improve performance and forge ahead in your PMO career

PMO Learning’s experts and leaders in PMO share their knowledge and experiences in their PMO careers to help you develop yours.

We cover all aspects of a PMO career – from guidance on your CV through to help adjusting to a new position. The sessions can include specific coaching on PMO function and services areas or used as a sounding board as you navigate through your career. There’s helpful advice and guidance from the people who have been working in PMOs for many years – through to professional PMO trainers and careers coaches.

The coaching and mentoring sessions are available on a hourly basis (via telephone/Skype) or in face-to-face sessions.

Sessions can be arranged during the day or in the evening.

Sessions cost £75/hour via telephone/Skype and £375 for a 3 hour face-to-face session.

Take the first steps to developing your PMO career through dedicated 1-2-1 coaching and mentoring.



Eileen Roden


  • PMO Training and Development
  • Core PMO Function and Services
  • Work Challenges
  • PMO Knowledge and Capability

My area of expertise is education and training in PMO – as well as project, programme and portfolio management too.

I previously worked in PMO before moving into training and consultancy over a decade ago. My coaching & mentoring sessions focus on the practicalities of PMO work and I help PMO people who need advice and guidance on the core functions and services of PMO. I authored the P3O best practice guidance too so I’m able to offer advice and guidance on that specifically.

Examples include mentoring individuals through new challenges in their PMO work such as getting to grips with benefits management or resource management; providing a sounding board as people work through a specific PMO problem and ongoing coaching arrangements to improve capability and confidence.

Eileen can help with:

  • Guidance on PMO work issues – the “how-to”
  • Ongoing mentoring to improve overall capability in your PMO role
  • PMO training and development advice
  • PMO Studying and examination guidance

“Her ability to talk about her own real on the job experience. She has excellent communication, better than the consultants I’ve had to deal with lately!! She used simple language and examples that I could understand clearly so, I felt we covered a lot in an hour as I wasn’t confused because she kept it simple. The structure of the conversation was really good. She asked me upfront what I wanted and checked during the conversation that I understood things. She asked good questions that made me think differently and have an ‘ah ha’ moment :-)”

I was feeling lost before I called but now I have a boost of confidence and some useful stuff I can go away and start doing”

Lindsay Scott


  • Getting in to a PMO Career
  • Writing High-Impact PMO CVs
  • Interview Preparation
  • PMO Career Advice

My area of expertise is PMO careers and recruitment – from those starting their career within project administration through to PMO Managers and Directors.

Having worked within this field for over 20 years my coaching & mentoring sessions cover practical advice and direction for anyone looking to advance their career in PMO; gain clear practical advice on making the best of your PMO CV; navigating the recruitment process; and guidance on where to find your next role.

Lindsay can help with:

  • Careers guidance for people in Programme and Project Office Management Roles
  • Careers guidance for people in Programme and Project Office / Support Roles
  • Getting into PMO – entry level positions
  • Changing Careers to PMO
  • CV advice, interview preparation, recruitment process advice

“The time spent with Lindsay was invaluable. You always wonder what recruiters are looking for and what they think of your CV, but you rarely get the opportunity to find out. Lindsay was very thorough and completely honest. I’ll have a more concise and focused CV after I implement Lindsay’s suggestions.”

“Just wanted to let you know that after two interviews (and a lot of tests and presentations in between!), I got the job as a Project Coordinator. Negotiated a really good salary too! Thanks so much for your help in preparing for the interview, and for your input with my CV”

“Thank you again for speaking with me earlier. I found it incredibly helpful and inspiring. I’m ready to move forward with more confidence than before, thanks to you.”

Stuart Dixon


  • PMO functions and services and how to carry them out in your role
  • PMO career paths - gain real advice on your PMO career
  • PMO knowledge and capability - get prepared for your interview & assessment

My area of expertise is practical advice on the steps to perform each of the functions and services that a PMO can deliver.

I have worked in PMOs since the early 1990’s. In that time, I have used all of the functions that a PMO can do at some point. I have experience of the different PMO types (project, portfolio, Centre of Excellence) and can offer advice on the similarities and differences.

I’ve also interviewed many PMO practitioners in my career and can offer great interview preparation and guidance too.

I had a brief stint as a trainer of P3O and was on the change board for the latest edition, so I can offer guidance around that topic. I’m also an AIPMO IPMO-Expert qualified PMO consultant and happy to share what it takes to make a career as a consultant in PMO.

Specialisms include;

  • PMO functions and services
  • PMO career paths
  • PMO knowledge and capability

Stuart can help with

  • Practical ‘how to’ for each of the PMO functions and services
  • Advice on the steps to take to assess and improve capability
  • Interview and assessment advice

“Stuart covered all aspects of the role of a PMO Analyst and I got hands-on experience from him. I wish I had more time to spend to gain more practical experience and mentoring training exceeded my expectations would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to gain experience as a PMO as it was tailored to my need”

” . . . really, really good . . . exceeded expectations in what was covered . . . gave a real practical insight . . . wish we had more time . . “

“Stuart is a great mentor and very supportive and even when I felt a bit nervous he was very supportive and encouraged me”

Chris Walters


  • PMO and the PPM ecosystem – aligning the needs of the organisation with the PMO capability
  • Governance systems and frameworks that aid portfolio decision-making and delivery progress
  • PPM tooling architecture and implementation

My primary area of interest and expertise is in ensuring that an organisation is holistically and sustainably in the best shape possible to deliver the projects that it invests in and achieves the outcomes that make a difference.

So many projects struggle, not because of poor project management, but because of poor environmental support for the projects. I have implemented PPM systems and tools, governance models, communities of practice, portfolio resource management, centres of excellence and of course PMOs that are specifically designed to solve the “too many projects fail” problem.

My 25+ years of hands-on experience in managing projects, portfolios and PMOs, together with experience and training as a mentor ensures that I can bring depth and breadth of knowledge to bear to help your business.

“It is rare to find a consultant that can be recommended as the complete package professional, knowledgeable and diligent balanced with being human enjoying a laugh, being a good listener, offering opinion, advice and good counsel based on a wealth of business & life experience.”

“Chris has an unparalleled level of experience of PMO, Programme and Governance methodologies. More importantly he has the practical experience & pragmatic approach that allows him to ensure that he right approach is used correctly in the right scenario.”

“Chris is an extremely knowledgeable, competent and professional PMO Manager who understands both the challenges business need addressing through a PMO and those faced by the delivery teams and key stakeholders that interact with his function… this means he is able to provide real structure alongside the pragmatism required to operate in the complex workplace. Chris is an excellent mentor and coach with a real passion for what he does and a genuine regard for the development and welfare for those he works with.”

“Highly skilled, energetic and motivated PMO expert.”

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