What is Benefits Management and the Role of the PMO?

This two-day in-house course provides an overview of the entire Benefits Management lifecycle. Specifically for PMO teams, this course also explores the challenges and potential strategies and tactics to overcome them when implementing Benefits Management within an organisation.Benefits Management and the PMO

 Course Content

  • Introductions, Objectives and Agenda
  • Overview of the Benefits Management Lifecycle
  • Benefits Identification
  • Benefits Evaluation
  • Benefits Planning
  • Benefits Realisation
  • Benefits Review
  • Reflection and Action Planning

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Bringing Benefits Management to You with an In-House Course

Courses like a benefits management course for example can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your team and your organisation.

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Getting Started with Benefits Management

Benefits management has always been a challenging aspect of project management for organisations to master. Click here to get started tackling benefits management

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Measuring Benefits

One of the biggest challenges when looking at Benefits Management is identifying what metrics we can use to measure benefits.

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Strategic Scheduling: Unlocking the Ideal Timing for Team Training Courses

The best time to schedule a training course for your team can depend on various factors, including the nature of the training, your industry, and the specific needs of your team.

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Benefits Management and the PMO

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