Bringing Benefits Management to You with an In-House Course

In today’s dynamic and competitive business environment, organisations face constant challenges that require skilled and adaptable teams to navigate successfully. One strategic approach to enhancing team performance is through investing in training courses which you bring in-house so the team learns together.

Courses like a benefits management course for example can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your team and your organisation.

Luckily PMO Learning has the course and resources to do this with our popular two-day Benefits Management and the Role of the PMO course.


Why do organisations choose to do the Benefits Management course in-house?

We work with various organisations and recently have seen an increase in this course for the public sector. Benefits management is particularly of interest due to organisations looking to optimise their operations, enhance service delivery, and maximise the value it provides to the public.

It has always been a tricky area of programme and project management to get right and there is a course that already exists – Managing Benefits – but is a 5-day commitment and is certainly thorough – perhaps not the best option for busy teams.

Public sector organisations have specifically chosen the PMO Learning Benefits Management course and opted to bring it in-house as they have a mixed team of people who want “just enough” training. The team, which are a mix of project managers as well as PMO and support staff, all of whom are involved in the implementation, support, or update of the benefits management process.

Bringing a course like this in-house is a great way to ensure all team members are equipped with the same knowledge and understanding to implement effective benefits management. Running the course internally at your office also provides an opportunity for the team to get to know each other, as even though most staff have returned to the office in a hybrid work model, many employees usually work individually on different projects or locations. Therefore, the course is essentially an externally facilitated team-forming workshop.


What happens in the Benefits Management course?

The course outline covers a variety of essential knowledge of benefits management including the following;

  • Introductions, Objectives and Agenda
  • Overview of the Benefits Management Lifecycle
  • Benefits Identification
  • Benefits Evaluation
  • Benefits Planning
  • Benefits Realisation
  • Benefits Review
  • Reflection and Action Planning

Day one is packed full of theory, exercises, and looking at the company’s objectives. At the end of day one, our trainer will discuss with the course lead the activities for day two which are specifically tailored to the organisation. For example, we have adapted the material to run a force field analysis session, a benefits mapping session as well as a framework-building session.

Day two also includes a roadmap planning session so that each organisation can take away a starter for ten that they can then build upon.

Over the years we have seen different teams and individual roles coming together, to learn together and more importantly have those practical takeaways which make implementing the benefits management process much easier.


Realising the Benefits of Benefits Management

All our trainers here at PMO Learning are experienced PMO practitioners AND trainers. Here’s Carol, lead trainer for the Benefits Management course:

“I really enjoy delivering these courses – we have such rich discussions about the trials and tribulations of implementing Benefits and it is heartening to know that you’re not alone with finding it hard to do.  But it is encouraging to know that there is a growing wealth of lessons to learn from so that more and more organisations can realise the benefits of Benefits Management 😃”


If you have six or more members of staff wanting to bring the Benefits Management and the PMO course to you, it is much more cost and time-effective to host the training course yourself. All you need to do is let us know your preferred dates and the location, either virtual or at a physical location of your choice. We will provide the trainer with all the course materials.

Fill out the below form and our training specialist will be in touch to discuss next steps.

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