International PMO Day 2024

International PMO Day is all about highlighting, promoting and appreciating PMOs in organisations across the globe.

It takes place on the second Tuesday in May each year, and in 2024 we will be celebrating on the 14th of May.

PMOs come in all shapes and sizes and they are are vital to the development and delivery of organisational change.

At PMO Learning, we are so happy there is a day dedicated to the appreciation and celebration of PMO.


How did International PMO Day start?

The idea for International PMO Day was formed at the 2022 PMO Conference in London by the founders of the day, who collectively were thinking about what we could do together to highlight PMOs across the world.


Ways you can celebrate International PMO Day

There are many ways that you, your team, and organisation can celebrate International PMO Day. Here are some suggestions on ways you can celebrate;

  • Take some time out of your day to reflect on your journey in PMO.
  • Bring food or treats into your office or even bake a cake.
  • Have a team bonding day.
  • Thank your colleagues for their hard work and show appreciation to your organisation.
  • Post on social media and LinkedIn how you are celebrating.
  • Host an event – you can submit your event on the International PMO Day website here.
  • Set yourself some goals for the next year – maybe look at attending a PMO training course?
  • Network with other PMO Professionals online.
  • Spread the word – tell colleagues and other PMO professionals about the day.
  • Share – post an image, video, or comment about what you love about PMO with the hashtag #intlPMODay


Keep an eye on all our social media channels (Facebook, InstagramTwitter, LinkedIn) the 14th of May to find out how PMO Learning will be celebrating the day!

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