Governance and the PMO

There is a new course available for PMO practitioners who are interested in learning more about project, programme and portfolio governance.

The course – called Project Programme & Portfolio Governance Practitioner – is a certified course by the Project Programme & Portfolio Governance Qualification Authority.

The course is based on new best practice  – Project Programme and Portfolio Governance – P3G published by the TSO. The book was launched in June 2022 to rave reviews from the project management industry and one of the co-authors, Ross Garland, is running three courses before the end of 2022.

At PMO Learning we’ve partnered up with PMOQA to highlight this course and you can find out more about it here.


Why You Should Consider It?

At PMO Learning we got excited about this course for a number of reasons. Apart from it being published by two leading experts in project governance globally we think it’s a key knowledge area for PMO practitioners.

It’s the first course we have seen that really focuses on governance – and covers all three contexts of projects, programmes and portfolios.

Governance – which is all about optimising decision-making – is a key service area for PMOs. In this new course you learn about the structures that need to be put in place to enable effective and efficient decision-making; you also learn about what people need to be doing around governance and also the key documentation and processes that need to be in place.

It covers ten different key principle areas (diagram below) and offers practical takeaways throughout.



If your PMO is offering services around governance and assurance and you have been looking for something to help you and your team upskill or close some gaps, this is a course worth checking out.

PMO Learning have partnered with PMOQA to offer this course to you, delivered by the author. There are dates set for September (virtual classroom), November (virtual classroom) and December (public classroom in London).

To find out more information and to book your place, visit Project Programme & Portfolio Governance Practitioner


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