Taking Control of Your PMO Career Webinar

On the 9th March, 12pm GMT, PMO Learning will be hosting a webinar entitled: Taking Control of Your PMO Career – You and Your PMO Development Plan.

As the New Year celebrations recede into the recent past, we are now well and truly into 2022.  For many, the annual performance and development review is starting to loom on the horizon.  For some, that means looking at our own personal plans – have we completed last years planned development, and where do we want to go from here?  For some, that also means looking across the PMO team and assessing and developing the skills and capabilities to match the needs of the organisation for 2022/2023.

Based on the House of PMO Competence Framework, we’ll look at some key development areas for each role and how PMOL can help to support you.

The webinar will be useful for those looking to move into a PMO role, those who are looking to continue their development in their existing role, and those who are looking to take a step up into a more senior PMO role.  (We hope we haven’t missed anybody out).

You can register for the event here!

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