5 Tips for Preparing for your P3O® Foundation Exam

1. Read, read, read the question!

Make sure you have mastered the art of reading and understanding the question that is being asked of you. This may seem like an obvious one, but this is arguably the most important tip on the list.

There is one word difference between the question “Which is not a reason why a P3O® should measure KPIs?” and “Which is a reason why a P3O® should measure KPIs?” However that one word completely changes the meaning – and can end up costing you marks in the exam. When revising, (and sitting!), your exam, make sure you have fully read and understand what each question is asking of you.

2. Choose a learning style that works for you

This matters for both your learning and your revision. You can read about all of our available P3O® Foundation learning options here. Whether you prefer the structured option of traditional classroom learning, the totally independent learning of Distance-Learning, or the flexibility and activities provided by our eLearning option, choosing the right option will help solidify your knowledge and prepare you for your exam.

The same principles can be applied to your revision – if you take detailed notes (like myself!), or prefer alternative revision methods such as practice exam questions, flashcards, or revising directly from the P3O® Manual – choose the style that works best for you.

3. Ask for help!

If you’re completing your P3O® Foundation certification through our Distance-Learning or eLearning you will have access to our Learners Forum, where you can ask questions, see questions posed by other learners, and get answers from trainers.

If you’re taking part in our classroom learning, if you’re unsure about anything make sure you let your trainer know – you might be asking the question that everyone in the room is thinking!

4. Ensure your exam set-up is prepared

In order to take an online exam, here is a checklist of what you will need so you’re exam ready.

  • Have you downloaded the required exam software? In order to take online proctored exams, you will need to download some exam software. Make sure you have this downloaded and ready on your PC/laptop before the day of your exam.
  • Are your webcam and microphone working? There’s nothing worse than technological malfunctions – by testing your equiptment before the start of the exam, you can avoid a last minute exam, and sit your exam with confidence.
  • Have you got some ID ready? You will need to prove that your cousin/best friend/pet dog/etc has not decided to sit the exam for you! Have your ID on hand to show your invigilator.
  • Have you cleared your exam space? You will need an empty desk – so make sure you’ve moved your shopping list, put away your P3O® Manual and ensured any pets or potential distractions are not in the room with you.

Having your set-up prepared in plenty of time will help you enter your exam feeling relaxed and prepared.

You can read more about taking P3O® online exams here.

5. Complete the practice exam before you sit the real exam!

Lead P3O® author, Eileen Roden, always recommends you take your practice exam as close to the real exam as possible – by doing so, you can really get into “exam mode” and be in the right headspace to sit the real thing. You will get a feel for the exam questions, and can even time yourself to get a feel for the pace you wish to take.

Being in this mindset will help you go into the P3O® Foundation exam with the right mentality!

We hope these 5 tips help you feel prepared and confident for sitting your P3O® Foundation exam! What are your best tips for preparing for online exams?

If you’re looking to complete your P3O® Foundation certification, why not consider our new eLearning option? You can get a taste for our P3O® Foundation eLearning in the below!

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