What is microlearning?

Microlearning is an approach to learning new information in small bite-sized chunks. Typically, microlearning is in short bursts under 10 minutes, and can be as short as one minute.

Below are some microlearning content examples:

  • Short videos
  • Audio (short snippets of speech or music)
  • Images (photos, illustrations)
  • Text (phrases, short paragraphs)
  • Tests and Quizzes


Microlearning vs eLearning

Microlearning and eLearning are two forms of development resources that are popular in workplaces for employees when first starting at a company, taking on a new role, or keeping skills updated.

ELearning provides longer online learning from training courses such as P3O® Foundation, education, and skills courses, or how to use work applications. Whereas, microlearning provides smaller units of information to employees in the flow of work that can be used right away.


Benefits of microlearning
There are many benefits of microlearning including;

  • Cost effective – Microlearning reduces the cost associated with traditional training programs, including instructor fees, travel expenses, and material production, while still delivering impactful learning outcomes.
  • Enhanced retention – By delivering information in small, digestible chunks, microlearning promotes better retention and recall of key concepts, compared to traditional lengthy lectures or courses.
  • Faster to deliver – Microlearning enables learners to acquire knowledge or skills in a fraction of the time required by traditional learning methods, making it ideal for busy professionals with limited time availability.
  • Flexibility and scalability – Microlearning platforms can easily scale to accommodate a large number of learners, offering flexibility in scheduling and pacing of learning activities.
  • Engaging – The interactive nature of microlearning content captures learners’ attention and maintains engagement, fostering a more enjoyable learning experience.
  • Content is tailored to needs – Microlearning content can be tailored to the learner and provides smaller information that is only relevant to their needs.


Project Management Microlearning

Here are some examples of project management microlearning that you can look at in between your busy work or in your own time.

PMI – Generative AI Overview for Project Managers

Generative AI Overview for PMs is a hands-on microlearning course for project practitioners that will empower you to harness the power of AI in your work.

Click here to read more.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn has a variety of short microlearning videos that are less than ten minutes long and teach you everything from scrum to picking the right metrics.

Click here to view.

YouTube Microlearning

YouTube has shorts as well as microlearning to provide you with short bite-sized videos to enhance your project management knowledge.

Click here to view.

TikTok Microlearning

TikTok is known for its short videos that are engaging and creative and can be educational as well as humorous. There are a lot of project management videos on TikTok that provide tips and tricks on getting jobs in project management, excel templates for Gantt charts or Kanban boards, and even recommendations for which training courses you should consider.


It is important for all businesses to foster a culture of continuous learning, by using all forms of development resources such as training courses, eLearning, and microlearning. In the fast-paced world of PMO, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve with new information, trends and technology.

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