Adding Another Skill to the PMO Bow – Training!

At PMO Learning we’re always looking for great trainers and we recently welcomed Zoe O’Toole to the PMO Learning family. Here’s Zoe sharing her experiences:

This week was a step forwards for Tooles Consulting. I am now an APMG-accredited Trainer for the newly launched House of PMO Essentials for PMO Managers qualification. I am proud to be an associate with PMO Learning. As the name implies, this energetic, experienced learning company is dedicated to PMO and project skills. It’s exactly the kind of organisation and qualification I want to be aligned with.

Let me tell you why

I am, first and foremost, a PMO Consultant. My main source of income is through providing my clients with expert, tailored support to build confidence in their prioritisation and delivery of required outcomes. I love my work.

I also love PMO and am passionate about sharing my experience and knowledge with others who want to be the best they can be in the world of PMO. In the last few years, I have increased my offering to public speaking and mentoring. It’s been amazing in its return. Not only have I expanded my network, I have also been rewarded by being a catalyst in people’s growth. I have learnt so much and continue to learn.

My work, overall (hey, nothing is perfect!), brings me great satisfaction and joy. I am a very lucky person. I am always seeking new ways to improve myself and my offering to my clients.

When I was approached by the fine (and let’s face it, fun) people at PMO Learning with the proposition of becoming an associate trainer for them, here’s what I thought.


  1. What an amazing compliment to be asked to represent this fab company with targeted, practical PMO training
  2. What an amazing opportunity to further share my PMO passion with people


The great thing about this opportunity is that I can continue to do what I love best; helping organisations find their best way of working. This is just an additional arm to my service offering. In fact, PMO Learning wants just that. They want their trainers to be working practitioners. They want the benefit of actual and current PMO people like me who can bring the theory and models to life through my own experiences and stories.


And that is apparent through the way that the courses are structured. This is not highlighter pen training. This is theory interspersed with practical application; this is about discussion and sharing.


And what’s even better than that is I continue learning too! I get to hear others share their stories and get inspiration for myself.

I’ve found myself better able to apply knowledge to challenges with my consulting clients. And I am so energised by working with people who want to learn too; it’s a definite high.

So before I close, and because I’m guessing you are wondering, let me tell you a bit about the House of PMO Essentials courses.

These courses are designed to help you do your role well and understand how to evolve. The source data is a combination of PMO Competency Framework, PMO Service Catalogue and the Praxis free source framework.

House of PMO EssentialsThe courses are based on the 4 levels of PMO roles, namely Administrator, Analyst, Manager and Director. (yes, I hear you cry; an actual career path). The structure for each level is built through understanding key competences heavily interspersed with practical examples, models and techniques.

These courses are about how you can successfully apply the knowledge and experience you already have to drive effective, efficient and valuable outcomes for your stakeholders. If you are looking to level up, these courses can help you to identify what that looks like. If you are an organisation that wants to be confident that your PMO (in whatever guise it’s structured) is a meaningful, motivated and value-adding service, then check this set of courses out.

Want to know more? You should speak with PMO Learning or me. Happy to talk; always!

May the PMO be with you.

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