PMO Learning Breakfast Briefing

Join PMO Learning for an early start on Friday 25th January in London. We’re hosting a Breakfast Briefing to give you insights into the different roles within the PMO; the appropriate PMO certifications for those roles and guidance on developing your career in PMO.

The session starts at 8.30am, finishing at 10am.

It takes place at The Clubhouse, 20 St Andrew Street, London, EC4A 3AG

Eileen Roden, Consulting Director at PMO Learning will give a full overview of the portfolio of accredited courses in PMO which lead to certifications.

There are different options available for each of the four career and experience levels in PMO. Eileen will share insights into the typical roles within the four levels and how the PMO certifications can help PMO practitioners gain knowledge and practical takeways which can be used to advance their PMO.

This session will be useful for those both working within a PMO role today looking to develop their career and those professionals responsible for Learning and Development within organisations which feature PMOs.

Registration to Attend

To join us, please complete the registration form. Places are allocated on a first come,first served basis. Join us for breakfast and PMO learning insights.


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