Benefits Management Workshop

Our Understanding Benefits Management course started as an in-house course. After great success, it was trialled as an open public course at this year’s PMO Conference. Eileen and a group of 9 delegates undertook the one day course, exploring how Benefits Management is implemented, the potential problems and strategies to overcome them.

Here’s what some of the delegates have to say about the new public course:

Seamless – excellent communication from start to finish

The course is aimed at PMO professionals, but can be useful for anyone involved in project management. Benefits Management affects everyone from Project sponsor to team members.

As a PM (rather than a PMO) the course did give me a much wider insight into the role of the PMO in general and specifically how to manage and maximise project benefits.

Eileen uses her experience to provide examples that help bring ideas to life.

Very knowledgeable and pragmatic. Able to draw on real life examples to illustrate answers to questions

By the end of the session, most of the delegates were already planning how to implement the ideas into their own workplace. When asked how they will use what they learnt:

Build a benefits framework and start to implement effective benefits management

After such a successful day, we’ve decided to open our  Benefits Management workshop as a public course, with a first date of the 2nd October. Read on to find out more about how Benefits Management can help you.

Why is Benefits Management Important?

A benefit is a measurable positive result of change. The very reason that organisations undergo change and projects exist to be managed. From job production and lower running costs to increase in company reputation and greater customer satisfaction, benefits are far-reaching, varied and can be easily measured or more difficult to assess. Benefits Management is important from the very initiation of the project, all the way through to the post-project closeout.

This one day course provides guidance on how to implement Benefits Management into your organisation by giving a full overview of the Benefits Management Lifecycle including identifying benefits, realising and reviewing benefits, and action planning.

The course explains the roles of the project sponsor, project manager and team and the PMO as well as tackling potential problems and the strategies to overcome them while implementing Benefits Management.

Benefits Management

Benefits Management Workshop

The Benefits Management workshop focuses on:

  • Know the key stages within the Benefits Management Lifecycle and how it aligns to the Project and Programme Lifecycle.
  • Understand the key activities and associated tools, techniques and deliverables within each stage of the Benefits Management Lifecycle.
  • Understand key roles and responsibilities in respect of the activities within the Benefits Management Lifecycle.
  • Explore the role of the PMO in implementing and supporting Benefits Management within an organisation.
  • Explore the challenges of implementing and supporting Benefits Management within an organisation and identified potential strategies and tactics to overcome them.

To find out more and sign up for the course – visit the Benefits Management page

We still offer Benefits Management as an in-house course, contact us now for more information.

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