Blue Box Benefits

All projects seek to deliver a product, or deliverables – this could be anything, ranging from a new database, to a new warehouse, to a new IT system.

In the video below, Eileen talks of her ‘Blue Box’ diagram, which seeks to provide a clear understanding of what project management is there to deliver.

Eileen talks of the reason behind the production of a ‘Blue Box’ – to deliver benefits to the organisation. This could be either tangible or intangible benefits – extra profits, increased customer base, increased brand awareness or even improved staff satisfaction.

A key aspect of project delivery of the ‘Blue Box’ is the consideration as to how the business may need to adapt to receive the ‘Blue Box’ benefits.

Benefits Management

A key issue in Benefits Management is time management – it is vital that Benefits are established in the Business Case, but must be identified and tracked throughout the Project Lifecycle and beyond. From Business Case to Business-as-Usual, we must stay on top of our Benefits – How will we achieve these benefits? Have they been achieved? Have they successfully been implemented?

It is also important to note that effective Benefits Management comprises activities from project inception through to post project closeout. There are actions to be undertaken by senior management, the sponsor, the project manager, the project team, the users and the PMO. Everyone involved has a part to play in the successful deliverance, execution and implementation of said Benefits.

How Can PMO Learning Help?

In our 1 day Benefits Management course, we help delegates understand the Benefits Management Lifecycle, and how it fits in with Programme and Project Lifecycles, the key activities, tools and techniques associated with these Lifecycles, how the PMO can implement and support Benefits Management in an organisation, and identify and explore the challenges associated with this, as well as providing tactics and strategies to overcome such challenges.

If you’re looking to tailor this course specifically to your organisation, we are able to bring this course inhouse for up to 14 learners. Get in touch if this is something that interests you!

Here’s what our delegates have to say about our Benefits Management course!

Tightly packed, punchy and pragmatic course of an essential part of PPM and especially PMO. The learnings from this course underscore the importance of weaving benefits into the entire organisation… and the practical life examples shared made it a richer experience

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